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This is how Fornite was born: Know the 10 keys to its success

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Fortnite is probably the multiplayer title most important of this generation. The game has made history with its innovative content, ranging from interesting themes that transformed the game, to virtual concerts with real singers.

This viral success is a mystery to many. In just its first 10 months, the game raised $1.2 billion. That’s an impressive amount on its own, but it’s even more so when you consider that Fortnite is a free-to-play game. This only demonstrates the dimensions of the titan that Epic Games created in 2017 and that today has more than 130 million players.


In this article we will talk a little about the 10 keys that ensured the success of Fortnite in a market as competitive as that of video games.


Throughout the article we will analyze several subtle aspects that guaranteed the success of Fortnite. But before that, we have to get rid of the most obvious of all: its price.

putting it simple, Fortnite is a free game, and sometimes you don’t need much more than that. Lots of players were encouraged to try it simply because they didn’t have to pay, and who liked the Battle Royaland they just stayed. Epic Games For his part, he is more than happy to make money with Fortnite through other methods.



Something that helped build Fortnite within the market was without a doubt the experience of EpicGames, the developer who used her previous projects as a base to create the Battle Royale.

The company perfected its excellent graphics engine used for his moba Paragon, Unreal Engine 4. Thanks to that, the company had a smooth launch with Fortnite: Save the Worldknown as the predecessor of Fortnite.

Save the World was released in 2017 as a jearly access game and only offered an open world and survival mode for PvE (player versus machine). The battle royale mode it later came as a standalone expansion to the base game, and ended up becoming the main game.


It seems basic, but not all companies decide to bring your games to many platformsno matter how good they are.


Fortnite He wasn’t shy about that. The game is available on any gaming platformincluding PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series X|S, and mobile devices.

A fun Battle Royale

the gameplay battle royale was attractive in 2017, but it was not easy to enjoy the genre when its greatest exponents They were games like PUBG, The Culling Y Z1. Despite being great games, they were a bit hardcore for the average gamer.

Fortnite proposed more fun gameplay. The goal is the same, but players have the ability to build and propel themselves through the skies with galactic weapons dressed as pigs and doing silly dances. His theme was less serious, but that attracted a larger casual audience.

Combine other hits

It may seem that there was a lot of luck involved in the perfect formula of Fortnitebut the truth is that the game followed a simple recipe: combine what has worked in other games. This, of course, includes Fortnite: Save the World itself.

fortnite has minecraft build incentivesbecause it is necessary to survive. It has many short and medium distance combat as in the series Call of Duty. Nevertheless, Fortnite it’s more than just gunshots. Battle Royale gameplay has pretty much all the elements that have worked in games like Z1 Y PUBG.


in essence Fortnite is a combination of lots of fun mechanics they have been successful separately in other games.

A friendly design

This look was originally double-edged weapon. Fortnite characters seemed to be made of clay and her world was too cartoonish. The visual aspect was actually one of the reasons why some people they didn’t dare to try it.

But this it was part of Epic Games plan. Fortnite he avoided realism precisely to appeal to a young audience. Children dominate shopping because they convince their parents to spend money. And the fact that a young audience nonstop showing off their Fortnite outfits and victories on playgrounds brought significant publicity to the game.


Over time the graphics were polished and other audiences came to accept the cartoon visual desEsports Extrasof Fortnite.

constant updates

There is no doubt that without changes, Fortnite would have died like many other great multiplayer games.

The strategy of Fortnite has been a genius. The game is divided into seasons and each season brings a new theme, with noticeable changes to both the maps and the gameplay. To this day, their great efforts to renew themselves and stay relevant have paid off, to the point where players look forward to each new season.



This is one of the keys they made Fortnite a more than profitable game. Despite being free to play, players can purchase V-Bucks or V-Bucks with real money to purchase in-game cosmetics.

The cosmetics are quite simple and can include from clothes to dances or weapon skins. They can also be used to gain access to exclusive missions. All these elements are sold individually or separately, and their prices are usually tens of dollars.

many players have paid more in microtransactions than in any other paid game.


battle pass

A battle pass is basically a list of rewards by levels that players can unlock by playing. The more they play, the more they will win.

Fortnite have a battle pass accessible, so that those who play can get good cosmetics for a low price. At the same time, players can pay for the full battle pass and unlock cosmetics without having to play.

it’s fun to watch

It is easy to overlook this factor, but it is very important. Fortnite is a very entertaining game to watch. Players can hide and strategize for the long haul, or come out fighting by jumping and shooting. There is room for any style of play in Fornite.


This is one of the reasons that makes it so much fun to look at. At one point a vehicle passes by, and the next an entire structure rises up next to the player. Anything can happen, and the emotions of the players are easily transmitted to the viewer.

Added to this is the phenomenon of streamers. Many talented or charismatic figures chose Fortnite as their title of choice because it was visually appealing. Both the streamers and the Battle Royale game got a lot of popularity in a short time, as is the case with the famous Ninja.