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This is how Scorn works compared to its Xbox Series X/S, PC and Steam Deck versions

The day has come: after eight years since it was announced and several delays along the way, Ebb Software will release scorn today. This peculiar first-person horror game bets on a grotesque and biomechanical aesthetic inspired by the work of HR Giger. It was one of the most anticipated releases of the year, and now we can not only play it but also compare how it works in its different versions.

That’s what the last video of the youtuber The Bit Analyst, who has already played the Xbox Series X/S and PC versions of Scorn to compare how they perform on both platforms. In addition, it has added one not very common in this type of comparison: Steam Deck. You can see the result under these lines.

The Bit Analyst has also shared some technical figures that help us understand how Scorn works on these platforms:

  • Xbox Series X: 2160p and 60fps (18.60Gb)
  • Xbox Series S: 1080p and 60fps (18.60Gb)
  • PC: 2160p with options maxed out on RTX 4090/3080/3070Ti/3060/3050 | (28.78Gb)
  • Steam Deck: 800p/40fps with options to the maximum | 28.78Gb

Our impressions of scorn

In Vandal We have also been able to test scorn to tell you in our impressions that “it is a work of atmospheric horror and gore narrated without a single line of text; it is a title focused on puzzles; it is a world where it is the order of the day to get lost for many minutes through tunnels practically identical to the previous one (…) by proposing something so concrete and with such a defined public, it can become, for many, in one of the surprises of this year’s independent development“Remember that this long-awaited title is available today on Xbox Series X/S and PC, also included in the Xbox Game Pass catalog for both platforms.


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