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‘This is incredibly beautiful’ – Chrono Odyssey for PS5 and Xbox is a real graphic banger

'this is incredibly beautiful' chrono odyssey for ps5 and

New Chrono Odyssey trailer shows gameplay from the PS5 MMO

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New Chrono Odyssey trailer shows gameplay from the PS5 MMO

Chrono Odyssey was announced some time ago, but then the . disappeared. Now it’s reappearing, and with a bang. It comes in the form of an impressively beautiful gameplay trailer and shows just how graphically opulent the Unreal Engine 5 title looks. There is also new information, among other things, Chrono Odyssey should now be released for the Xbox Series S/X in addition to PS5 and PC.

Chrono Odyssey: New gameplay trailer causes amazement and open mouths

Check out the new trailer, he really has it all. A real graphic firework is burned off here for almost four minutes. Above all, the set pieces, landscapes and environmental details know how to inspire.


But in addition to chic game areas, there are still a lot of characters, huge enemies and fights against all kinds of vermin to see. Apparently we are not only dealing with a chic game world here, but also with a lot of action-packed fights.

Chrono Odyssey impresses with stunning graphics.

Chrono Odyssey impresses with stunning graphics.

What game is this going to be? Chrono Odyssey relies on RPG mechanics and is supposed to be a real MMO, you can choose one of six classes and then go into battle together with your friends. Of course, the whole thing is supported by an epic story.

These are the classes:

  • swordsman
  • paladin
  • berserk
  • wizard
  • assassin
  • ranger

The special: The Chronotector! Chrono Odyssey doesn’t have the “Chrono” in its name for nothing. With the Chronotector we can stop time and at least turn it back a little. This is clearly visible in the trailer and gives us the chance to undo screen deaths – very handy!

When is Chrono Odyssey coming? There is no release date yet. But the launch is supposed to be worldwide and there will probably be no NFTs in the game. Apart from that, there is still no information on the monetization model.

For PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S: While Chrono Odyssey was originally announced for iOS, Android, and PC in 2020, it’s now slated to drop out of mobile devices, but will instead be coming to PS5 and Xbox Series S/X. This is probably related to the switch to Unreal Engine 5, to which we owe the bombastic graphics.

Trailer goes down extremely well: The enthusiastic comments are piling up under the new Chrono Odyssey gameplay trailer. There are still some doubts about the gameplay and user interface, but the look of the game is simply impressive and almost universally praised.


What do you think of the new Chrono Odyssey gameplay trailer? What are you hoping for from the game, what are you afraid of?

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