This is the million that Xbox would pay to include big releases in Game Pass

this is the million that xbox would pay to include

Tom Henry

This is the million that Xbox would pay to include big releases in Game Pass

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The enormous leak that Xbox has suffered today as a result of a poorly censored document that has revealed a multitude of ins and outs and plans that the company has for the medium and long term. We have been able to see the reviews of the Xbox Series internal details of how it works Xbox Game Pass.

How much does Xbox pay to add games to Game Pass?

This uncensored document contains some interesting data regarding this subscription service available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. In fact, it is in that section where it has been dropped that there is a version next-gen of Red Dead Redemption 2 on the way. Right in that table is where a multitude of names of third-party games appear that Xbox wants to incorporate into Game Pass, including an important piece of information: How much money do you expect to have to pay for each of them?.

These are the amounts that Xbox is considering paying to include big releases on Game Pass:

It is not common for us to have access to data this clear, since in the document we can not only see the money that Xbox expects to have to pay to bring these games one day to Xbox Game Pass, but also an estimate of how likely the deal is to close with each company (in fact, you can see that many of them did not come to fruition because they did not end up being available in the catalog). As a curiosity, The ‘effect’ is also reflected wow that caused the community to announce the arrival of each of these video games.

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