this is the official line of thermoses of the game

this is the official line of thermoses of the game

Tom Henry

this is the official line of thermoses of the game

Alan Wake 2 will arrive later this year on consoles and PC with a thermos under his arm.

Alan Wake 2 embraces the meme: this is the official line of thermoses of the game
Sam Lake pouring some coffee on the Alan Wake 2 crew

Since Alan Wake’s original release in 2010, coffee thermoses that appear in-game as collectibles have become something of a meme, due to finding the 100 thermos Scattered across the farthest reaches of the game’s setting is Alan Wake’s true nightmare, not darkness. In the absence of confirming or not the return of this mechanic in Alan Wake 2 along with the good writer, the Finnish study has revealed the official line of thermoses that will arrive ahead of the launch of the game.

After being officially announced at The Game Awards 2021, Alan Wake 2 confirmed its release date during the past PlayStation Showcase along with the game’s first gameplay trailer. New from Remedy Games it will finally arrive after the summer.

Oh Deer, the official Alan Wake 2 thermos

Through a publication of the official account of Alan Wake 2 on Twitter, the director sam lakewho also appears in the game, has announced Remedy Entertainment’s official collaboration with Airam, another Finnish company specializing in making this type of coffee thermos since 1921. “Good things, like good coffee, take time,” he writes. Remedy”.

“Airam and Remedy Entertainment, two Finnish household names, have collaborated to bring you the official Oh Deer Diner thermos. Completely faithful to the thermos found in the game“It will come this very fall 2023.

You can tell that at Remedy they have had a great time during all these years with Alan Wake’s thermos jokes due to the sarcastic nature of the ad, with Sam Lake and Vida Starčević, creative director and senior community manager of the Finnish team respectively, to announce what it will be the “hottest ad of the year”. At the end we can also see two regulars of this type of Sam Lake jokes, such as Mathew Porretta and Ilkka Villivoice and face of Alan Wake respectively.

Alan Wake 2 is finally coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC next October the 17thtake a look at its first and spectacular gameplay trailer that leaves almost more questions than answers to the question of what has become of Alan Wake during all this time?

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