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This is Uncharted writer Amy Hennig’s Marvel game

Since the announcement of Amy Hennig’s Marvel project (Uncharted, among others), things have become somewhat quiet. The silence has now been broken by the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase. The game was presented in a first teaser.

Accordingly, the game is set in the 1940s and will revolve around four heroes. Among them is none other than Captain America and Black Panther taking on Hydra, a fictional science branch of the SS.

The characters are specifically Steve Rogers as Captain America, T’Challa’s grandfather as the Black Panther, Gabriel Jones as a US soldier and Nanali: Wakanda spy leader.

The game is intended to tell its own story about the heroes and not be a cooperative gaming experience. Amy Hennig meanwhile confirmed that it should be an action adventure. Your Uncharted roots should be recognizable.

John K. |