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This is what F1 22 looks like on PC with ray-tracing, DLSS and other graphic improvements

F1 22 launches on July 1 and Codemasters has started showing more of this year’s edition, like the Miami International Autodrome circuit. A new video of gameplay focused on the PC version shows us various technical aspects of the simulation gameincluding effects ray tracing o Nvidia DLSS support.

Specifically there will be reflections, ambient occlusion and shadows by ray tracingwhich we can see in a gameplay who uses DLSS to improve performance and compares it to native 4K resolution on an RTX3080Ti at nearly constant 60fps, though some gamers may prefer to turn off certain blurring effects. ray tracing and supersampling for a consistent 70fps experience.

Compusemble also notes that F1 22 has improved the detail of the vegetation, which is also denser. Occlusion helps create local shadows that give a greater sense of depth. Other effects such as reflections and shadows by ray tracing were added to the series with F1 2021. “Overall the game is not graphically shattering with this pre-release version, as it is using the same Ego engine as previous editions. However, there are enough improvements to polish the graphics over its predecessor“.

It is also compatible with FSR 1.0which can be interesting for users without an RTX card, but the performance improves by 40%, which is less than the quality mode of DLSS.

Update to the season and more news

F1 22 update driver and team information to the current seasonand also implement new sequences, an adaptive artificial intelligence to the level of the players, unlocking of supercars, clothing and accessories.

F1 22 with ray-tracing, DLSS and other effects

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