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This is what the new LEGO figures of Donkey Kong and his family look like

this is what the new lego figures of donkey kong

To the LEGO Super Mario series —which also includes princess peach already a huge bowser— they really miss the gorillas, but it won’t be like that for long because they have officially revealed what some of the Donkey Kong family LEGO figures look like.

Actually, we already knew they were on their way. During the Mario Day special presentation on March 10th we got a look at the Donkey Kong figure, but now we know he won’t be alone and we can see which family members will join him on his LEGO adventure.


You can check out the reveal video in the tweet below.

You can see what the LEGO figures of the Cranky, Dixie, Funky, Diddy and Donkey Kong family look like in the gallery below.

We also have a picture of the full figure of Donkey Kong accompanied by Mario. This is the one we had seen before, during Mario’s day presentation.

We do not yet have details on the release date of these figures, if they will be sold together in a package and if they will be accompanied by buildable stages in sets like those of Super Mario.

We will be very aware of the information that they reveal in this regard.


Fountain: official LEGO group Twitter account

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