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This is what the premium packaging of the Intel Core i9-13900K Raptor Lake looks like

While the AMD Ryzen 7000 is about to come out in just a few days, the Intel Core 13 will still take a little less than a month to follow its shadow. Of course, these processors, under the code name Raptor Lake, will have an official presentation on the same day as AMD’s launch, on September 27. But before that happens, we can already see the desEsports Extrasof the premium box where the flagship of the Core 13 will go, the i9-13900K.

If you remember, with the arrival of the Alder Lake, Intel prepared a premium packaging for the i9-12900K. This did not stand out too much on the outside for presenting a typical blue carton of the company, but in his inside was the interesting. And it is that, here was the processor inside a wafer inspired by the desEsports Extrasof the Intel 7 that bring these CPUs to life. Quite a detail on the part of the company when buying the highest performance processor prior to the official launch. The same has happened this time, as we have a leak that shows us the desEsports Extrasof the premium case of the i9-13900K.

The premium box the i9-13900K is much smaller, but keeps the wafer

i9-13900K vs i9-12900K Premium Packaging

As we can see, the desEsports Extrasof the new i9-13900K premium packaging it changes in certain aspects with respect to the i9-12900K. The most obvious is the great reduction in size, since the Core 13 it is much thinner compared. This we have been able to know thanks to the user HXL on Twitter, which mentions that it has been leaked in a closed group of the Chinese messaging application, WeChat. Seeing this thin cardboard box, the large packaging that Intel made for its high-end i9s is far behind.

Of course, we have the most important, the wafer, which we see shyly visible on one side of the i9-13900K’s packaging. So, all those who were fans of the wafer at Alder Lake, you can be in luck because it is once again the protagonist. However, this time we see a Change of color, passing from gold to silver. Why it was decided to go with such a slim premium case with the i9-13900K after several years using much larger packaging is a mystery.

could be for power save on costs, because when shipping hundreds of thousands of these CPUs, in the long run, the reduction in packaging dimensions would be noticeable. In addition, a slimmer desEsports Extraswould allow shipping more CPU compared to previously used packaging. Next to this, go next to the environmental claims of the industry.

AMD will continue to use a classic desEsports Extrasin its CPU cases

AMD Ryzen 7950X Box

While Intel continues to innovate every year in the desEsports Extrasof the premium cases of its high-end i9, amd will still choose to keep a desEsports Extraswithout major changes. And the thing is, Lisa Su’s company doesn’t seem to be interested in offering premium packaging like Intel does, because here we can see the box in which the Ryzen 7950X will arrive, the top of the range of Zen 4. Beyond the change in number regarding whether we buy a Ryzen 3,5,7 or 9; there are no major differences between packages. Thus, when buying a processor of this brand, we will not find it in that original Intel wafer, but rather in a plastic packaging.

In fact, we can already see the CPU appearing on the front of the box, so inside we will not be surprised. So, beyond the decision for one processor or another, it will be a matter of taste and preference on which we prefer. Without a doubt, the i9-13900K premium case of Intel will be more expensive to produce and after removing the CPU… well, we can use it again decor. In the meantime, amd with his basic box without anything special it does not have this original touch, but without a doubt, it will be cheaper to manufacture.

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