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No Man’s Sky continues to receive free content, running into today with his update 4.1 baptized as fractal. The company wraps up this huge update with a huge number of improvements in quality of life and accessibility, support for gyroscopic control, full compatibility with the new PlayStation VR2 VR headset, and of course, much more.

Among the improvements there are graphical improvements. Specific improved lighting when HDR is activated. According to the company, all the lighting and color gradient with HDR has been completely rebuilt. With this improvement, Hello Games ensures that the hues and tones of the universe are brought closer to what a standard dynamic range display would look like, while still enhancing them with the bright highlights and rich shadows that HDR provides.

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As usual, Hello Games has won the sky with No Man’s Sky. We need to remember that the game arrived very brokengenerating criticism at levels almost similar to those of Cyberpunk 2077. All of this was due to Sony’s haste, but time has been putting things in their place, and more than that. This game was originally released in August 2016. We are approaching 7 years after its launchand the game keeps getting tons of free upgrades.

This is what the No Man’s Sky Fractal update looks like

Summing up the improvements, we now have a garage to store a fleet of up to 12 ships. A catalog of wonders, or the possibility of take advantage of gyroscopic of the controllers. We continue with a robot mascot, a left-handed modethe game experience and graphic quality have been improved in Virtual Realityand added new bonus content.

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The Utopia Foundation appears as additional content (a planet restructuring project), a new ship is added, the Utopia Speeder. This offers radiation-resistant armor and a heavy emphasis on aerodynamics for agile atmospheric flight. Added Nexus Missions for Nintendo Switch users, and improved the menu, home screen, etc. We continue with a new “Fearsome Visor” reinforced with rust, or now the alien structures are accompanied by an alien environment (fog, visual effects, etc) for greater immersion.

Rest of the integrated improvements

No Man's Sky Fractal

We continue with him dynamic resolution scaling (On PlayStation 5). In VR, the bases can now be crafted more intuitively, and the galaxy map for these glasses has been improved. We continue with new accessibility features, the chance to have a holographic friend, and the effects of smoke, sparks and debris have been improved. The Nintendo Switch also benefits from gyroscopic control. And, honestly, a long etcetera.

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The improvements are huge, so you can see them from the official website. Without exaggeration, this update can add about 100 improvements to the game. Not bad for a game released in 2016 that has been expanding its world enormously without asking for a penny from the players. Something quite rare to see in these times. To the point, which is the only case we know of so far. Much merit, knowing that there are no microtransactions inside the game.

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