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This mod turns Battlefield 3 into a completely new and more realistic game: bleeding system, dynamic weather and more

If we talk about first-person shooter video games, Battlefield games is an essential stop. Currently, the franchise is not going through one of its best moments with Battlefield 2042, but just over a decade ago Battlefield 3 positioned itself as one of the best FPS… with the permission of some Call of Duty classics.


Now, after seven years of development and over 80 contributors, the BF3: Reality Mod is almost ready to see the light of day and transform Battlefield 3 into an experience like never before. The release of BF3: Reality Mod is planned for the July 17th. The development team describes it like this (via IGN):

BF3: Reality Mod is a BF3 mod that focuses on communication and teamwork. It is inspired by the successful Project Reality mod from BF2. Offers a complete gameplay and user interface overhaul that creates a more tactical and meaningful experience.

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What does this wonderful mod include?

The roadmap or road map of BF3: Reality Mod reveals the content that will be arriving as the updates arrive. Version 0.1 includes:


  • Custom respawn system (including rally points).
  • Adjusted pace of play (movement, weapon handling…).
  • Gunplay (recoil, damage and more).
  • Weapon and explosion sounds improvements.
  • Changes in the health system and the class of doctor (bleeding, bandages and resuscitation).
  • Custom interface (main menu, appearance, map, interaction wheel and HUD).
  • AAS game mode and 5 modified (extended) base game maps.
  • 2 custom factions: USMC and Russian Army.
  • 9 preset kits per faction.
  • Vehicles modified to be transportation only.
  • Improved day-night cycle and weather visual effects.

In future updates (version 0.1+) will arrive other modifications and improvements such as: new mechanics during combat, custom maps, more playable vehicles (including air), armor, more game modes, improvements in the role of commander and more. As for version 1.0, there is no information, although it is confirmed that there will be more improvements.