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This Overwatch 2 feature was a “headache” for its creators, a designer admits

this overwatch 2 feature was a "headache" for its creators,

Overwatch 2 debuts a new type of cooperative missions in its new season.

This Overwatch 2 feature was a
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Among all the new content that has arrived and will soon arrive in Overwatch 2 on the occasion of its new season, Invasion, there are the new PvE missions where players cooperate to complete objectives while facing threats controlled by the game’s AI. It is not uncommon to see this type of content in the most popular multiplayer games of the moment, however, Blizzard says, it was quite a challenge make it work in Overwatch 2. At least in one of its versions.

Overwatch 2, while a new standalone game from the first version of Overwatch, was promised to be available on all platforms in which the original game was, despite its technical innovations. This made it quite difficult for Blizzard to implement this PvE game mode on Nintendo Switch due to the limited console capabilities of the Japanese.

Overwatch 2 challenges on Nintendo Switch

“Has been a pretty big headache. we had to develop new tools and systems to clean up a lot of memory. For PVP maps, things are active all the time because players are present all the time. But [para PVE] we had to do a lot of different tricks,” Blizzard’s Dylan Snyder said in an interview with Dexerto.


“Basically, what I’ve been doing recently for missions is making sure close sections, download map partsthings like that that we traditionally don’t have to worry about for PVP,” he says.

Even so, it seems that Blizzard achieved its mission and these PvE missions can be enjoyed on Nintendo Switch as well as on other platforms, but we will have to see in the future how the Nintendo console manages when the game receives larger and more complex content.

Luckily, Nintendo Switch fans look like they won’t have to wait too long for the arrival of the new generation of nintendosince the existence of Nintendo Switch 2 and its launch could be closer than you imagine.


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