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This RPG is basically a steampunk Darkest Dungeon, but with members of a circus and its first gameplay it does not disappoint

With the non-E3 already finished and with the year more or less assured in terms of launches —unless there are more delays—, the players already know what we are going to play in the following months. However, not all games make it into the big events, and many need a little push from big-name publishers to make it. visibility.

That is why Circus Electric It hasn’t sneaked into Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest, or the PC Gaming Show, a great friend of this type of indie proposals. Still, the team Saber Interactivedevelopers of Evil Dead: The Game, have not been discouraged and just a week later they have shown us the first gameplay of their next tactical action RPG.

Yes, once we see what this game is about, it seems that the American team has spent too much time explaining something that is basically Darkest Dungeon, but not everyone knows the work of Red Hook Studios, so these explanations stopped are always welcome. In Circus Electrique we will not control plague doctors or soldiers, but members of a Freak Show with up to 15 characters availablefrom the typical superman, a mime, clowns, and even conjurers.

The setting darkest dungeon dilogy also gives way to a world steampunk with European architecture where we can move throughout a London with a thousand and one twists and turns. Obviously, going through this city is not a walk, far from it, since we will face enemies of all kinds.

Here, the Saber Interactive team once again does not lower its head before the work of Red Hook and even proposes mechanical survival Y roguelike where the madness here gives way to the Dedication. Far from being a different game mechanic, here the characters will have a dedication bar that will mark not only the power of the attacks, but also acts as morale meterso at low levels, the performance of our team will be worse.

Circus Electrique Gmeplay

A safe playable bet that will greatly benefit from the crazy things Y eccentricities that includes the Saber team to give a greater personality to your group of freak. At the moment, Circus Electrique does not have a release date, although Saber Interactive assures that it will be available at End of the year for consoles, and on PC it will do so under the umbrella of Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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