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This Sunday there will be no day of the Kings League

The kings league It has been that project that everyone is enjoying. Despite having received criticism from certain sectors, it is a reality that Gerard Piqué’s league is a success. Although it started on January 1st, we are all already waiting our weekly dose of this very special football. Every Sunday we find ourselves facing a new day of this Kings League.

Nevertheless, this week there will be a stoppage of the competition. This means that we will have to wait until Sunday, February 5 to see our favorite teams fight to win a new game and thus add their points. This postponement has a consequential reason: this weekend the ESLAND awards will be held and some team presidents will be traveling.


ESLAND postpone matchday 5 of the Kings League for a week

February 5 is the new date on which the fifth day of the Kings League will be played. people like Ibai plainsDavid CanovasTheGrefg” either gerard Rosemary They will not be able to be present this Sunday since they will be in Mexico, so the organization has decided to take a week off.


Apart from the absences, it has also been taken into account that matching both events can be disruptive for both sides. The number of spectators would be reduced and the main one affected by this would be the Kings League, so everyone has reached an agreement to postpone the fifth day.

Of course, this rest time will also allow them to think about what to surprise us with for February 5th. Every week they have something prepared both in the preview and for the matches. There we have the example of ‘joker‘ which turned out to be the Kun Aguero and that generated a unique expectation among all the fans.


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