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This The Last of Us 2 themed PS5 is simply beautiful and I have to have it

this the last of us 2 themed ps5 is simply

This PS5 in the TloU 2 desEsports Extrascomes from a fan, unfortunately.

There are now PS5 side plates and DualSense controllers in different colors, but Sony is currently holding back when it comes to special editions of the PlayStation 5. With the exception of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Limited Edition, there are currently no special editions of the console.

We enjoy fan designs all the more that show us how cool PlayStation 5 special editions that are based on a specific game can be. Take a look at the custom PS5 in The Last of Us Part 2 look in the picture below:

via @mrpyo1

via @mrpyo1

Who created the PS5 is unclear. It was recently posted on the X (Twitter) account @mrpyo1 and has now garnered over 1,300 likes.


Of course, this is not an elaborately designed custom PS5. The creator simply stuck a sticker of Ellie’s tattoo on the black side panels and on the touchpad of the black DualSense. Nevertheless, the TloU 2 console looks chic, especially because it has such a minimalist design.

We also think that the elegant deep black of the side plates fits the tattoo desEsports Extrasfantastically. In our opinion, the PS5 looks a little more elegant than the official TloU 2 PS4, whose casing is dark gray/anthracite.

For comparison: In the picture below you can see the official PS4 special edition of The Last of Us Part 2, which Sony launched in 2020 and from which the fanmade PS5 above was obviously inspired:


PS5 side panels and DualSense controllers announced in new colors

As part of the State of Play in September 2023, Sony announced three new colors for the PlayStation 5 side panels and the DualSense, which can be pre-ordered from October 4th. These are the colors Volcanic Red, Cobalt Blue and Sterling Silver. You can get a more detailed picture of this in the article linked above.

Which PS5 special editions would you like?