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This was the farewell to the game Marvel’s Avengers, although it will continue to be playable

In mid-January we reported that the Crystal Dynamics studio would stop working on new updates and content for the game Marvel’s Avengers And now it’s time to say goodbye. The dreaded day has arrived, but they have several surprises before leaving.

Before we start we have to remind you that, although the game will not receive any more updates, the game will continue to work. All online multiplayer missions will still be accessible, single or multiplayer. Even when official support for the game ends in September 2023, online play will still work.


On Friday, March 31, the latest update patch hit the game, leaving it at version 2.8. You can read the patch notes here.

All cosmetic content is now free

As they had already said, all cosmetic items in the store, challenge cards, character passes and more are now free for all players of Marvel’s Avengers as a parting gift from the creators of the game.

You can no longer buy credits. The credits they have will be automatically converted into equipment upgrade consumables according to the table below.


Game Farewell Videos Marvel’s Avengers

To say goodbye, the game development team Marvel’s Avengers posted an emotional video thanking the community for their support over the years. You can see it below.

We can also see a video in which Sandra Saad, the actress who voiced Kamala Khan / Ms. Marvel in English in the game, says goodbye to her fans.


new skins

As if that were not enough, they also added new ‘skins’ to the game.

  • Iron-Man Variable Armor Threat Response Battle Suit– Available for free to all players who have earned at least one in-game achievement or trophy before April 1, 2023.
  • movie-inspired costume Avengers for Black Widow: Available for free to all players.
  • 1,000,000 BC suit for Thor: Available for free to all players.
  • Helmetless variant of the costume inspired by Avengers: Endgame for captain america: Available for free to all players.
  • ‘Earth X’ Suit for Black Panther: Available for free to all players.

though the game Marvel’s Avengers It won’t have any more updates, you don’t have to leave it behind if you still enjoy it. What’s more, many consider that with all the free cosmetics, it is now more worth playing.

Source: official game website