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This wild Pokemon is level 100, only spawns every 10,000 battles, but is completely useless

this wild pokemon is level 100, only spawns every 10,000

There are hardly any wild Pokemon at level 100 and one of them is a bad joke.

There are hardly any wild Pokemon at level 100 and one of them is a bad joke.

In the Pokemon games, you can encounter some really strong Pokemon close to the level cap. But the strongest wild Pokemon isn’t a level 81 or 88 Pikachu. No, there are actually two level 100 wild Pokemon that you can encounter in all Pokemon games. You can read here what they are and where you can find them.

There are two level 100 wild Pokemon in the games, but not only are they rare, they’re also half useless

That’s what it’s about: Of course, the question of who is the strongest. In this case, which wild Pokemon has the highest level.


The answer, which will probably come as a surprise to some, is: No, the level 88 Pikachu from Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver Silver is not the strongest wild Pokemon that you can fight in all games.

There are two at level 100: The Pokemon Platinum and Black and White 2 editions actually have some very rare Pokemon. They made it to level 100 in the wild. But the chances are slim that you will meet them at all.

Extremely unlikely: In the resort area in the platinum version, you have to fish with the Super Fishing Rod and then you can catch a level 100 Pokemon. But the probability of this happening is 1 in 10,000, which is less than the original probability of discovering a Shiny Pokemon.


These are the two Pokemon:

  • Magikarp: The level 100 Magikarp comes in the Platinum edition and the Black/White sequels. There it is even considered the hidden lord of the area over which he rules.
  • Gyarados: The level 100 Gyarados can only be caught in Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2. Again, you have to go fishing in the nature reserve.

More witty than powerful: While the evolution of Gyarados is at least somewhat useful, Magikarp can do next to nothing – even at level 100. The Pokemon is best known for its splash attack, which does not cause any damage. The fact that this Pokemon is one of the highest level wild Pokemon is probably intentional and a joke.

What was the highest level Pokemon you faced in any of the games? What do you think of level 100 Magikarp?

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