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This would be the Zelda characters as Pokemon, according to an AI

You will definitely want to get them all.

In the same way that online AIs that create conceptual arts based on assigned parameters have recently become popular, the new fashion is pokemon making AI. AIs capable of devising the desEsports Extrasof a pokemon based on a phrase, the results can be completely crazy, but seeing some real pokemon some could well pass for an original Game Freak. Although today what we bring are zelda characters as pokemon.

It is a system of text-to-image machine learning created by Lambda Labs where, as in other AIs like Dall-E, the results will be better the more refined your query is. For example, entering “Link” is not the same as “Link from Breath of the Wild as a fox”. The results will come out with the characteristic Pokemon art, let’s see how the Zelda characters would look (via GameRant).

Princess Zelda

Princess Zelda as if she were a Pokemon

Princess Zelda as if she were a pokemon

How could it be otherwise, we started with Princess Zelda herself in her The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time design. Without a doubt, the resulting pokemon has a certain similarity in terms of colors and seems to be like a base evolution. As for its type, what type do you think this pokemon would be? Could it match Zelda’s powers in-game?


Link as if he were a Pokemon

Link as if he were a Pokemon

The next is Link in his version of Breath of the Wild, one of the most popular today. Again, he gets the colors right, though the system messes with Link’s sword and shield. The pose and expression do resemble that of a warrior like Link, but it remains to be seen if he could be the hero Hyrule needs.


They won like a pokemon

They won like a pokemon

Although if we talk about nailing expressions, without a doubt the winner would be this pokemon created from Ganon. It’s really impressive how he has managed to interpret the look and expression of the character in the form of a menacing pokemon. The colors, again, very much in tune with those we associate with the original character. It may be the best desEsports Extraswe have so far.


Midna as if she were a Pokemon

Midna as if she were a Pokemon

The desEsports Extrasof Midna from Twilight Princess, It’s enough of a Pokemon fantasy, but if we pass it through the AI, the result is a kind of greenish-blue bat with purple eyes. Without a doubt, one of the closest to being a real pokemon, although like the previous ones, it gives the impression that it is a base form and would have several larger and more imposing evolutions.


Malon as if he were a Pokemon

Malon as if he were a Pokemon

What if we put Malon through the AI? East recurring character from the Zelda series he comes out transformed into a horse-like pokemon with a somewhat violent expression. Without a doubt, the reddish color of Malon’s hair translates in the form of browns with red reflections very aptly and it has the appearance of being a medium level Pokemon of the Fighting or Fire type.

Happy Mask Vendor

The seller of the happy mask as if he were a Pokemon

The seller of the happy mask as if he were a Pokemon

A sinister desEsports Extrasfor one of the most sinister characters in the Zelda series. It’s not really that this Pokemon version is very similar to the original character, but it does not fail to unsettle the player in the same way that this character from Majora’s Mask did. That black color, the mouth half open, eyes wide and, the pom-poms? True nightmare material for a pokemon that without a doubt it would be Ghost type.


Tingle like a pokemon

Tingle like a pokemon

We close the list with one of the most popular characters of the entire Zelda series, one that could pass for pokemon without even changing the name. If Tingle were a pokemon, this AI imagines it as some sort of Grass-Bug type pokemon from green color big ears and huggable bare belly. It looks like the typical pokemon that appears at the beginning of the game and has an ultra violent final evolution that has nothing to do with its friendly version of the base pokemon.

Nintendo asks Pokemon players what kind of game they want to see in the future

Remember that it is a public AI, so if you are not convinced by these designs you can try to create your ownyes Tell the system, for example, something related to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.


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