Thousand-Year Blood War shows off Rukia’s impressive bankai

thousand year blood war shows off rukia's impressive bankai

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Thousand-Year Blood War shows off Rukia’s impressive bankai

Rukia has given a taste of the immeasurable power of her Bankai.

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War shows off Rukia's impressive bankai
Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Episode 19 has shown off Rukia’s majestic Bankai.

Every episode of Bleach: TYBW proves why this series is one of the greatest works of all time.since this controversial arc has been full of fascinating moments that have greatly enhanced the legacy of this story, since the battles that have arisen in this fierce war have been sublime with great depth and attention to detail on the part of Studio Pierrot who has done an excellent job in making this anime adaptation.

The expectations of the fans regarding this arc are very high, since after so many years, the shocking events that Tite Kubo developed in the manga are finally being animatedwhich have been significantly improved in the anime that has even been adding extra scenes that were never seen in the manga, Shinji Hirako’s Bankai being one of them.

But this is not all, since the most recent episode of Bleach: TYBW, has finally showed the amazing Bankai of Rukia Kuchikiproving that the young Shinigami is one of the most powerful in the series with an incredible technique that amazed the fans, because ufotable collaborated with Studio Pierrot to animate this chaptermaking this moment a true audiovisual jewel.

This post Contains spoilers from Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War episode #19.

Rukia has shown the great power of her Bankai

Rukia Kuchiki has shown off her impressive Bankai in the most recent episode

Rukia Kuchiki has shown off her impressive Bankai in the most recent episode

The second cut of Bleach: TYBW has given a splendid development to several of the most important characters of the seriesamong them Renji and Rukiawho together with Ichigo carried out various training sessions in the King’s Palace, obtaining substantial power improvements and that has been more than demonstrated in the recent confrontations that they have waged against the Quincys in this implacable war.

After his arrival, Renji was the first to show the great power of his Bankai with which he managed to defeat Masculine’s Mask quicklydemonstrating the great evolution and experience he acquired after training in the King’s Palace, becoming a prominent Shinigami with enough power to balance the scales in favor of the Soul Reapers.

In addition, this time it was the turn of Rukia Kuchikiwho gave an amazing demonstration of her skills in her fight against Äs Nödt, the Quincy who defeated her brother Byakuya during the first siege, as the young Shinigami finally used the power of his Bankaithis being one of the most anticipated moments by fans who expected to see this Rukia technique animated.

During the development of this episode you can see how Rukia manages to face Äs Nödt, because finally unlocked the full power of his Zanpakuto and accessed his incredible Bankai, since the fearsome Quincy had tried to use his fear ability to infect her and that she was consumed by the fears that she harbored inside her. However, the Shinigami lowered her own body temperature, stopping the advance of her enemy’s technique.

This was just an appetizer, since Rukia’s power went beyond that, well his Bankai allows him to lower his temperature to absolute zero for a few seconds, which is very fascinating and at the same time dangerous for herself. Also, after accessing her Bankai, the Shinigami freezes Äs Nödt and erases it. by unleashing his Hakka no Togameproving that she is one of the strongest Soul Reapers in the series.

Rukia’s Bankai is simply splendidbecause the anime further enhanced the enormous power of this Shinigami, making its final technique a complete and glorious work of art that has captivated fansWell, the result of this Bankai is so beautiful to see that the followers have not stopped talking or praising this magnificent episode that has given Rukia Kuchiki the opportunity to shine like never before.

Notably Rukia’s Bankai is one of the most powerful in the seriesturning it completely into a kind of “Ice Princess” capable of finishing off his enemies in just moments. However, this power is so enormous that if he does not master it well could kill the Shinigami herself.

Without a doubt, the development that the Bleach anime has had: TYBW has been wonderfulbecause you can see the love and dedication that he has put Studio Pierrot in every episode of this arc. In addition, the series is at its climax, since the next highly relevant fight will be that of Zaraki Kenpachi, this being one of the most anticipated moments by followers of the work of Tite Kubo.

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