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Throne and Liberty System Requirements: Can Your PC Beat the MMORPG? | Top News

throne and liberty system requirements: can your pc beat the

Throne and Liberty PC title

The new . Throne and Liberty has revealed its system requirements. And it looks like older PC systems could also perform well in the game.

In October 2023, the . Throne and Liberty will be released for the PC. You will probably be able to purchase and play it via Steam. Now gamers have been wondering for a long time how strong the PC system actually has to be in order to meet the requirements.


The hardware requirements have now been revealed on the game’s South Korean website and show that they are not that high after all (via We show you the details in the overview.

PC requirements of CPU, graphics card and more

Minimal Recommended
CPU (processor) i5-7700 i5-11600K
GPU (graphics card) GTX 1660 RTX 2070 SUPER
RAM (memory) 16 GB 16 GB
OS (operating system) Windows 10 (Release 20H2) Windows 10 (Release 20H2)

Even many older PCs should be able to cope with these requirements and at least be able to keep up with the minimum requirements. For which resolutions Minimal and Recommended are unfortunately not clear.

These requirements apply to the upcoming Throne and Liberty beta tests, which will be active from May 24th to May 30th. But it will only be active in Korea for now. A beta test in North America will follow later. What we know about the Throne and Liberty beta tests.


It’s quite possible that the system requirements for the game will change again for the release or will be presented in more detail. After deeper testing, the developers may find a wider range of components to run the game on and then adjust the tables.

Are you waiting for the release of the .? We have created an overview article for you that presents you with all the information. From the release to the combat system and monetization to classes, PvE and PvP trailers are also available.

Everything you need to know about the release of Throne and Liberty


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