Throne and Liberty, the successor to the legendary Lineage 2 and the most anticipated MMO of the year, confirms its launch in the West

We knew that it was going to reach the West, but we still had doubts about what conditions it would do so. Throne and Liberty, the new MMO from the legendary NCSOFT It already has a publisher in our territory, and it will be released by one of the companies that is betting the most on the genre: Amazon.

What was supposed to be Lineage 3 has reached an agreement to debut in our territory, and will be coming to all platforms with crossplay support. With this we have before us the possibility of creating a great community within the framework of online RPGs.

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In an official statement issued by Amazon and NCSOFT, it has been confirmed that it will be the North American company that will bring the Korean MMO to our territory. Coming not only to PC, but also to PlayStation and Xbox, all we can play together and without restrictions to collaborate in this adventure.

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Mixing a narrative approach with a lot of online action, the new from the creators of Lineage takes you to a world in constant change. His world will change over time, although it will always house PvP and PvE content to give variety to your encounters. In addition, the characters will be able to turn into animals to explore all corners of these lands: from flying through the air to navigating the bottom of the ocean, this can be your next playground.

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Unfortunately, those of us who were waiting for a release date (or even a window) have been left wanting. We know that Throne and Liberty will be out in 2023and in fact it is considered one of the main releases of .s for this year, but we still do not know the date on which it will be released.