Throne and Liberty will continue to be an MMO with a lot of PvP, but less than before after its latest changes | Top News

throne and liberty will continue to be an mmo with

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Throne and Liberty will continue to be an MMO with a lot of PvP, but less than before after its latest changes | Top News

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Amazon is preparing quite important changes for the launch of the next beta of Throne and Liberty. This has been confirmed by colleagues mein-mmo after chatting with Merv Lee Kwai, a member of Amazon Games. One of the most important is related to the PvP modeas it has confirmed that —at least during the next testing phase— its presence on the map will be reduced.

Merv explained that have decided to reduce their presence in the open world. In the past, the idea was that duels between players were a constant, but they have preferred to take a more conventional approach. Thus, most of the zones will be PvE, but they will have areas enabled so that users can fight among themselves. In fact, they will be quite large areas that will be activated every two or three days, with prior notice from the server.

Amazon Games changes approach to Throne and Liberty PvP

Therefore, we can say that the world will progressively offer temporary PvP events. It will be through areas that will be clearly differentiated from the rest through a visual mark on the minimap. Thus, it will be very easy to recognize them. With that being said, he wanted to highlight that PvP is still very important to them.

Although they will have differences with the Korean servers, they will maintain the idea that certain dungeons will only be accessible at night and will be of the PvP type. When asked if they were still focused on this whole thing, he said yes, they still think of Throne and Liberty as an . with a strong Player vs. Player component. Player. In this sense, he also wanted to highlight that there will be massive events with great battles to conquer outposts that will serve to enhance the qualities of clans and guilds.

Finally, although he also spoke about other issues, highlighted the importance of one of its most outstanding events: the battles for the castle. As its name indicates, they will be raids to conquer a stronghold. The funny thing is that, currently, there is only one of these and the siege can only be carried out once every two weeks. During the process, alliances can be formed (and broken) to activate and cancel friendly fire, claim territory, etc.

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