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TinyBuild acquires rights to Surgeon Simulator and other Bossa Studios brands

TinyBuild has announced that it has bought various trademark rights from the development studio Bossa Studios. This includes games like Surgeon Simulator, I am Fish and I am Bread. The deal includes an upfront payment of $3 million, according to publisher TinyBuild.

In the future, TinyBuild will take care of the further development of the IPs mentioned, while BossaStudios will focus on developing new games.

Bossa Studios co-founder Henrique Olifiers explains that Bossa Studios has been focusing on the PvE genre since early 2022. “We’ve done a lot of prototyping and are now in full production on titles that we’ve put our heart and soul into,” said Olifiers.

With the reorientation of the studio, however, the question was how best to take care of the existing games.

“Together with TinyBuild we found a way that allows Bossa to fully devote himself to his new projects while ensuring that Surgeon Simulator, I Am Bread and I Am Fish find a new home that understands as well as what makes these games what it is,” explains Olifiers.

The game series from Bossa Studios is said to have achieved sales of six million US dollars in 2021, according to the announcement. TinyBuild also announces the acquisition of Russian developer studio Konfa Games. The studio developed the game Despotism 3k and is currently working on Despot’s Game. Konfa Games will join TinyBuild’s studio in Belgrade.

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