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Tinykin, analysis and opinions of the game for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series | 3D Games Reviews

If you are missing a greater number of 3D platforms, I have great news for you, because Tinykin is exactly what you expected. It’s short, not difficult at all, but its game concept with touches of Pikmin and an aesthetic reminiscent of Paper Mario are enough to convince. I’ll tell you in this review.

If there is something that I especially like about Tinykin, it is that it is aimed at all those -like me- who grew up playing 3D adventures in the style of Super Mario 64, Spyro the Dragon or Crash Bandicoot, among others. These are titles with platform essence, which were successfully adapted to the time, offering three-dimensional graphics and of course a new gameplay for the time, in which exploration gained ground over sheer skill at the controls. Unfortunately for those of us who grew up playing this type of title, the genre is not as popular as it was then, although that does not mean that from time to time we receive jewels in the style of A Hat in Time or the most recent Kirby and the Forgotten Land .

For this reason, the arrival of Tinykin has been a real joy for me, and its plot is a nod to what you will feel if you try it, since it has a lot of nostalgia. Milo is an astronaut who travels back to Earth, only to realize that… nothing has happened since he left her in the year 1991! And it is that, like the character, he is as if the gender of the 3D platforms keep it alive and kicking, because the video game is not only an audiovisual delight that traces the 2D graphic style of the great Paper Mario, but in terms of mechanics it proposes very inventive things, with some puzzles and a certain aftertaste of adventures like Pikmin. Do you want to meet him? Well, follow me in the following lines because I assure you that it is not wasted.

A small but charming 3D platformer

The essence of Tinykin is easy to explain. As in Pikmin, we are a tiny being in a Esports Extrasntic space, and we must find parts of our ship to get back home. The difference is that here the stage is not an entire planet, but a Esports Extrasntic house. Thus, we must advance between each of its rooms, solving a good handful of tasks along the way. All while jumping, floating in the air, sliding between ropes and, most importantly, collecting tinykin to make our way.

It is important to collect the necessary tinykin in each phase, and that is the biggest challenge of the adventureThese tinykin They are an equivalent to the Pikmin, because not only do they accompany us everywhere, but there is a good variety of them. There are those that help us carry an object from one place to another, explosives, those that create a tower to reach high points or those that are capable of transporting electricity. It is important to collect the necessary tinykin in each phase, and that is the biggest challenge of the adventure. In this way, the game proposes missions related to the use of these tiny allies, such as activating a pulley or carrying electricity from a plug to a radio cassette player (as long as we have the required number). All with a lot of humor, which is enhanced by the cartoon style used and that suits him phenomenally.

tinykin review

The challenges are not complicated and after a little exploration you will find the key to each problem. Don’t expect combat or enemies either, because the game is focused on exploration in a reduced number of environments, but of great dimensions. In particular, moving around the stages is the key to the fun, thanks to great control and a simply exemplary platformer design. The actions are limited, such as jumping, floating in the air or sliding through certain parts of the stage. Little more, but it’s enough. In addition, it has a few accessory tasks, collectibles and the collection of hundreds of flakes that add a layer of progression by expanding the time we can stay in the air.

Of course, the scope of the proposal is quite limited, and due to the lack of levels, the duration does not go beyond 6-8 hours. There is some replayability if you dedicate yourself to completing it one hundred percent, but nothing more… and that is perhaps the great drawback of the game, since it gets short. But that feeling also happens because time flies while you play. It’s very well executed, so what I’m most hoping for right now is that the developers can do some kind of expansion in the future, or maybe a second installment if things go well.

Tinykin PC

Tinykin, apart from a solid platform design, has a very careful audiovisual sectionTinykin, apart from a solid platformer design, has a very careful audiovisual section. The characters are designed in the style 2Dbut within a territory 3D in which the camera does not behave badly at all. You have control over it at all times (right analog stick), and when a wall gets in the way, the typical shadow of your character appears to identify it at all times. In short, good news, since the big problem with this type of adventure has always been managing perspective. In this case, the experience could be said to be mostly satisfactory.

On the sound level, I have nothing to reproach either, rather the opposite. The melodies are varied enough, and can even change within each zone, depending on where we are. all with an aura full of sympathysince the conversations (with subtitles in Spanish) also maintain a comic tone, very much in keeping with the chosen artistic line, which seemed simply splendid to me.


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