Titanfall 3 was in development ten months before its cancellation

titanfall 3 was in development ten months before its cancellation

Tom Henry

Titanfall 3 was in development ten months before its cancellation

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Although the Titanfall games never became huge commercial successes, they were loved by the gaming community because they were very good games. Today their community lives on in Apex Legends, but the Titanfall franchise appears to be dead.

That wasn’t always the case though, because it’s now been revealed that there was apparently a third Titanfall in development at one point. Insider Gaming has spoken to former Respawn Entertainment developer Mohammad Alavi, who claims they worked on Titanfall 3 for ten months, before the plus was pulled:

“Do you want to hear a crazy cut story? Titanfall 3… Titanfall 2 came out, did what it did, and we said, ‘Okay, let’s do Titanfall 3,’ and we worked on Titanfall 3 for… ten months, huh? right? Seriously, right? We had new technology, several missions going on, a first game that was going to be as good, if not better, than what we had before, right? But I’ll make this clear, incrementally better, It wasn’t revolutionary. And that’s the good thing, right?”

Ironically, it seems that Apex Legends was the reason Titanfall 3 was cancelled, as battle royale games were at their peak, and Respawn wanted in on that:

“And at that point, I had literally just become the lead narrative designer for Titanfall 3, I had just presented the…story, the whole game, that Manny and I had come up with, we did this big presentation and then we went to a break and we came back from the break, and we talked about it, and we said, “Yeah, we have to pivot. And we have to make this game,” because we literally canceled Titanfall 3 because we thought, “We can either make this game, which is going to be Titanfall 2 and a little bit better, or we can make this, which is clearly amazing,” and don’t get me wrong, always. i will miss another titanfall you know what i mean i love that game titanfall 2 like i said its my greatest achievement but it was the right call it’s crazy snipping so crazy snipping EA didn’t even He knew about it for six months.”

We know many of you are still holding out hope for another Titanfall game in the future, and Respawn have already said they’re not ruling it out, but unfortunately the chances look slim in the near future.

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