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Today we tried Curse of the Sea Rats on GR Live

today we tried curse of the sea rats on gr

Recently Petoons Studio released their new hand-animated adventure game, Curse of the Sea Rats. This title puts players in the shoes of one of four prisoners of the British Empire who have been turned into rats by a pirate witch, and in order to regain their human form they have to find and capture the very witch who cursed them in the first place. .

Considered the first exponent of “ratoidvania” (the metroidvania genre of mice, come on), we are about to play the adventure and platform title on today’s GR Live, where our partner Rebeca will be the host and will show us the first hour of the game.

Be sure to stop by the GR Live home page to see Rebeca in action starting at her regular 4:00 PM time.

Curse of the Sea Rats
Petoons Studio