Toei Animation’s new data reveals which is the most profitable series

toei animation's new data reveals which is the most profitable

Tom Henry

Toei Animation’s new data reveals which is the most profitable series

Apparently, these series are the most profitable in terms of anime, but… Who wins?

Dragon Ball or One Piece: Toei Animation's new data reveals which is the most profitable series
Goku and Luffy, main protagonists of the two most beloved anime series.

There has always been the fight… What is the most profitable anime? This time, Toei Animation wanted to clear up our doubts and has revealed which is the most profitable for its platform. Dragon Ball fans have always maintained that the Goku and company series is the best there is and, of course, the most profitable. On the other hand, One Piece fans are clear that Luffy and his crew run over anyone.

Well, the answer is already here. Toei has confirmed that the most profitable anime at the moment is Dragon Ball, and all this Despite the fact that we have not had new chapters for a long time, something that does happen with One Piece. Even so, the Saiyan series manages to outperform the pirates, thus giving the production company incredible income. Something that many people already expected, yes, Dragon Ball is perhaps the most profitable anime in history.

The fight is over, the most profitable series right now is Dragon Ball

The series created by Akira Toriyama has reported a profit to Toei Animation of 30 million euros while One Piece is left with 27.5 million euros. As you can see, the difference is not that huge, however, and as we told you at the beginning… Dragon Ball has been on hiatus for a long time. His last contribution was the movie ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’, on the other hand, Eiichiro Oda’s series continues to offer new chapters.

On the other hand, in third place on the podium is Slam Dunk, a series that has managed to raise a total of 8 million euros. This figure is very far from the two mentioned above, something that confirms that both Dragon Ball and One Piece are two of the best series we can enjoy today. And we can even go a little further… Perhaps we are talking about the best series in history together with Naruto.

However, even though One Piece now ranks second, the franchise is easy to be crowned the winner very soon, especially considering the new chapters and the live action series that will arrive later this month on Netflix. Meanwhile, Dragon Ball fans are still waiting for new details about the series, but It seems that we are still far from achieving that.

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