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Tony Stark’s grandfather shows off Iron Man’s most impressive armor

tony stark's grandfather shows off iron man's most impressive armor

Iron Man’s armor has stood out for being impressive, but none of them can compare with his grandfather’s suit.

Tony Stark's grandfather shows off Iron Man's most impressive armor
Iron Man is one of the most brilliant minds in the Marvel Universe.

He Marvel Universe It is full of scientists who have been of vital importance to the survival of the Land. It is in this scenario where Tony Stark, one of Marvel’s most prodigious minds. Tony Stark He has always had an innate talent with everything related to engineering, since his father, Howard Stark, was one of the most brilliant characters of his generation. However, the Ultimate Universe revealed that there was still one more person in the family who could be added to this great list of geniuses, since Tony’s grandfather has one of the most impressive versions of his armor.

Iron Man’s armor has stood out for being impressive, but none of them can compare with his grandfather’s suit.

One of the most iconic stories of Hombre de Hierro in the main canon of Marvel is Armor Warsas it showed how dangerous it could really be Tony Stark’s technology if it was in the wrong hands. He Ultimate Universe has its own version of that event called Ultimate Armor Warsand although its scope was much smaller than the original, the personal impact that he had in the life of Tony It is just as immense, or even more than its predecessor.

Hombre de Hierro

Iron Man’s grandfather was consumed by madness in Marvel Comics

In this history, Tony Stark Not only does he have to face people who have stolen and are selling his most advanced technology for sinister purposes, but he also discovers that the man behind it all is his own grandfather, someone who Tony believed he was dead his entire life.. His grandfather was trying to save his own life since the mechanical parts with which he replaced his body were becoming completely obsolete with the passage of time.

in the comic Ultimate Armor Wars #4 It was possible to know more about the plans he had had Iron Man’s familiar since he hid from society. Howard Stark Sr., Tony’s grandfather, reveals to Tony that he became a cyborg while working on a secret mission called Project Tomorrow. The goal was to successfully achieve the fusion between humans and machines, thus creating incredible mechanical military soldiers that were unstoppable to the enemy. One of the first people to experience one of these experiments was Howard himself, but the results were not as expected. His pieces began to deteriorate, and he needed repairs. Tony Stark’s advanced technology in order to improve them. Howard manipulated his grandson’s mind to get everything he needed to survive.

Hombre de Hierro

Howard Stark Sr. shows how terrifying he is in his armor

Howard Stark, Sr. Not only replaced all his limbs and internal organs with robotic components, but also did the same with some defenseless dogs. Howard discovered that he could harness dogs’ brains as operating systems to his little robotic army. Howard later learned that three dog brains were enough for the processing power of a single suit. While it was a brilliant idea at first, Howard’s time in the Project Tomorrow ended up causing him madness, leaving Howard in an endless cycle of obsessive thoughts about updating himself in every moment of his life. Although he went unnoticed for a long time, Iron Man’s grandfather had to come out of hiding take advantage of Tony Stark’s technology.

The suit that Howard Stark, Sr. designed for himself ended up being a mess of mechanical parts and machinery where his human body should have been, leaving him in a state where he needed the suit in order to survive. Without a doubt, the suit that the grandfather made Tony It was quite an achievement in fields linked to science and engineering, but it ended up taking away all the humanity that remained from a scientist who was brilliant in the past. Therefore, in more ways than one, the grandfather of Hombre de Hierro has the most hideous version of his armor.

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