Top 10 Game Boy Color Games

The games of Game Boy Color had a major impact on many fans of Nintendo and video games in general.

This platform came as a surprise to the community, which was expecting a bigger generational leap. However, what it lacked in potential it made up for in a smaller and more practical size than its competitors. The games, although with a limited performance, knew how to adapt to the circumstances, and many of them marked an entire generation.

In this opportunity we will review which were the best games released for Game Boy Coloreither new or remasters.

Mario Tennis, a frantic sport for Game Boy Color

The sport games for Game Boy Color They weren’t far behind, especially when it came to Mario.

The spin-off of Mario Tennis for the portable was particularly noted for its use of the series’ characters as rivals in a more frenetic interpretation of the sport. The player was basically a novice who had to defeat the inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom to the end, investing skill points to upgrade.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX

It’s a mystery how The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening it triumphed when it diverged so far from the beginning of the series. The game revised for Game Boy Color could not be different.

This installment offered us a different experience, without a Hyrule to explore or the mission to gather the Triforce. However, it was full of exciting combat, unique enemies, and puzzles to solve. This version also came with more content, picturesque graphics and a fun mechanic to take screenshots.

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donkey kong country

When we talk about the best games Game Boy Colorwe cannot fail to mention the picturesque adventure of donkey kong country.

The jump from the SNES to a portable console for a game of this caliber was unthinkable for many at the time. However, this installment managed to adapt perfectly as if by magic. Some levels were tweaked a bit so they could run in perfect condition, but it’s still one of the most faithful ports of its generation.

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Metal Gear Solid

speaking of games Game Boy Color that did not seem possible, Metal Gear Solid was one of them, and not only due to the technical capabilities of the console.

The PlayStation version was a success not only in sales, but also defining the genre in the industry. Taking it to a laptop was a decision that many questioned, but the result was exceedingly satisfying.

This title took the best of the first installment and simplified it for a portable experience, keeping the level of entertainment and adding more content.

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The Pokemon JCC for Game Boy Color

Few expected to see a Pokemon card game in the catalog of Game Boy Color. However, Nintendo surprised us in a partnership with Hudson Soft.

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The title was an adaptation of the Trading Card Game. Players could have a deck of 60 cards and the main character would have to defeat 8 gym leaders and fight his way to all 4 Grandmasters. Players had to apply all the popular concepts of cards like Energy and the different Pokemon to win the matches.

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harvest moon 3

This popular game of Game Boy Color was a very interesting take on Natsume’s classic farm simulation games.

In general, it is a farm game like the ones we love, but this one in particular stood out for presenting some innovations. These included teaming up with a second farmer, NPC marriages, and more.

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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages

Other of the games Game Boy Color What surprised us the most were undoubtedly The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages.

These installments were released at the same time, but they feel pretty much like different games. The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons was more loaded with action and combat. In addition, it allowed Link to solve puzzles by changing the seasons. Oracle of Ages followed more of a time travel line and was focused on solving puzzles by changing eras.

warioland 3

Between the best games Game Boy Color we should mention warioland 3another adventure of the bizarre character from Nintendo.

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This installment allows us to improve the character through export, but in the best wild style of Wario games. The vibe is upbeat, the soundtrack is terrific, and each level is packed with fun dynamics and secrets to unlock.

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

Another of the classic gameboy color games that had the most impact on the players is the popular Super Mario Bros. Deluxe.

By itself bringing the renowned platform game to the laptop would have been a guaranteed success. However, Nintendo did not settle for that. The game arrived tweaked for a smaller screen and packed with tons of new content that made it feel like a revamped adventure.

Pokemon Crystal, the “console seller” of Game Boy Color

Nobody would have thought that Pokemon it would become the phenomenon that it is now after the first installment. However, far fewer would think that the games in the series for Game Boy Color they would become the best of the series.

Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal were the most important games of their time. Many people even bought one Game Boy Color only for these deliveries. Not only did they have a new map and an expanded Pokemon catalog, but they added many features that are vital to the series today. Johto’s adventures undoubtedly marked a generation.

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