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Top 7 on Steam with better opinions in 24h than GoW

Hi-Fi Rush is the surprise of this 2023, a game that as soon as it was announced and put on sale, has exceeded everyone’s expectations. This is the rare case where we have a title that hasn’t been accompanied by months of trailers and hype for it to grab attention. the same day as Hi Fi Rush was introduced as Xbox and PC exclusive gamethis has been a Top Sales on Steam in just over 24 hours and is receiving better reviews than god of war.

Tango Gameworks is a Japanese development company founded by the legendary shinji mikamithe creator of the horror video game franchise resident Evil. This company was acquired by Bethesda in 2010 and is known for its games. The Evil Within, The Evil Within 2 and the most recent Ghostwire: Tokyo. The first two are similar third-person survival horror with the essence of the first Resident Evil. With Ghostwire, they wanted to innovate and present a third-person action game with magical powers. But at no time did we expect Tango Gameworks to be the creator of something as different as Hi-Fi Rush.

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Hi-Fi Rush Debuts in Steam’s Top 10 Best Selling Games

Hi-Fi Rush has been quite a surprise, since it was announced for the first time the January 25 during the Xbox & Bethesda Developer_Direct. Here the Bethesda games that would come to Xbox, PC and Game Pass were announced and among these was Hi-Fi Rush. At first glance and both in the graphic and playable section reminds us of the mythical Jet Set Radio and to a lesser extent to Gravity Rush. Created by the same developers of Evil Within, we can’t see a trace of their previous video games and this is ultimately what attracts attention.


Hi-Fi Rush Sales

Watching the trailer we can already see that the approach is totally different, they have gone from terror and the most realistic action to something with Japanese aesthetics and a cel shading style very accomplished. The USAdubbingthe color and the animation give us a title that exudes originality and charisma everywhere. Therefore, we are not surprised by the fact that it has not needed to invest millions of dollars in previous marketing and advertising. And it is that, if we go to Steam, the game has already positioned itself in the Top 7 best sellers after its debut a day ago.

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Hi-Fi Rush is receiving extremely positive reviews

This action and adventure video game offers us a combat system that is based on play with the rhythm of the music. Unlike other button masher games in which we settle for pressing the X to dispatch all the enemies quickly, here we are given an extra dynamism. In the combats it will touch us synchronize our blows in order to be rewarded by doing a increased damage and be able to perform combos. This is not a unique innovation of this title, but it is an addition that adds something extra to a game that already seems outstanding.

To say so that the fights against bosses will not be generic and boring, but that we will have unique combats and with quite frequent moments of humor. Hi-Fi Rush has caught the attention of gamers and this is reflected in some great reviews on Steam. Here we can see that at the time of writing the game has received 1,221 reviewswhere he 98% are positive. Now, if we compare it to one of the highest rated games on Steam, god of warwe see that in the last 30 days, it has received 6,414 reviewsbeing a 96% positive.

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While the comparisons here are somewhat forced, keep in mind that Hi-Fi Rush will be on Steam for two days today. Furthermore, these first days are essential to determine how good or bad a game is. And it is that, this is when the errors, bugs and problems with floods of negative reviews are present. Although it is too early to assess it, we can see that the only professional review in Metacritic has valued it with a 95/100 and the users have given it a 9.2/10.


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