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Top Esports reaches its fourth final in a row and gives JD Gaming a ticket to Worlds

For the moment the summer-split of the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) is taking on a very similar aspect to 2020. JD Gaming and Top Esports will be the finalists of this summer season of the best league in the world, reliving the clashes played throughout the two splits from the tenth season. TES have made it through to their second consecutive final after endorsing a resounding 3-0 win over EDward Gaming in the bottom bracket final. Yu Wen-Bo’s team «jackeylove» has given JDG the rating of World’sbecause with the defeat of the reigning world champions it is JD who has more points along with Top.

Top Esports went to the bottom side of the draw because of a 3-2 loss against JD Gaming that pundits called the best League of Legends series of 2022. Previously, TES sent EDward Gaming to the same spot with a win by 3-2. EDG had the opportunity to take revenge and repeat the path he already did in 2022. However, Top has been much more forceful playing correctly around Zeri than jackeylove. Thanks to this defeat of EDward Gaming, JD Gaming has qualified for the World Cup two years later.

This loss of EDward Gaming at the hands of Top Esports has sent the defending world champions to the Regional Tournament to fight for the last two places for the World’s. EDG will fight alongside Royal Never Give Up, LNG Esports and Victory Five for participation in the Worlds. EDG will face RNG and in case of losing will fight against the winner of the match between LNG and V5. In the case of the last duel, a defeat means staying out of the fight for the World Championships.

The fierce rivalry between Top Esports and JD Gaming

The summer-split of 2022 of the LPL will revive in the grand final one of the greatest rivalries of the best league in the world. JD Gaming and Top Esports currently have a champion title that they achieved in 2020. Initially it was JDG who took it in the spring against TES, while in the summer it was the other way around. Both clashes were resolved with a tight 2-3. Beyond reliving the 2020 Finals, winning this upcoming best-of-five series will set them apart. In addition, both clubs are close: the last winter transfer market the organizations decided to exchange the top laner, that is, to Zhang Xing-Ran «zoom» by Bai Jia-Hao«369«.

In the case of Top Esports, losing this final would mean having the silver medal for the second time in a row. In the spring-split TES yielded to Royal Never Give Up. However, this case would be further accentuated with Gao Tian-Liang «tian«, MVP of the summer season. The jungler would add his fourth consecutive lost final. In 2021 the Chinese was runner-up with FunPlus Phoenix and this year he could repeat it with Top Esports. In addition, Tian would win for the first time seeing a competition with Zhuo Ding «Knight«, a player with whom he began his career in Young Miracles and with whom he debuted in the LPL with Suning.

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