Toriyama only killed Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z because he wanted to betray the fans

toriyama only killed vegeta in dragon ball z because he

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Toriyama only killed Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z because he wanted to betray the fans

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Actually, Vegeta shouldn’t have died.

For the warriors out Dragon Ball Z it’s not uncommon if they die. Thanks to the Dragon Balls, it is possible to revive them within a year. The prince of the Saiyans, Vegeta, has also died before in the series.

His first death is remembered by fans for losing to the villain responsible for the deaths of many Saiyans: Freeza. But as manga author Akira Toriyama now reveals, the fans themselves are to blame for Vegeta’s death.

Dragon Ball Z: That’s why Vegeta had to die

In the manga it is clear: Vegeta is not strong enough and is therefore subject to Freeza. This basically just plays with him and gives him the deathblow when he is lying on the ground. However, according to Toriyama, Vegeta only had to die because he didn’t want to disappoint fans’ expectations.

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The mangaka received several requests that Vegeta should please not die. But as soon as a fan wishes for something, Toriyama does the opposite: he cheats on his fans.

In the comments of the tweet, a user gives other examples that the fan community would have liked differently. These include the fact that the universe is populated by only 28 planets and the Potara earrings for character fusion.

Thus, the manga author listens to the community’s feedback, but not in the way they would like. So if you have a wish for Toriyama yourself: write him the opposite!

A character has never died before

In the world of Dragon Ball, there is only one character who has not yet had to be resurrected by the Dragon Balls: Mr. Satan. Although he advertises that he is the strongest warrior in the world, he is actually an impostor.

Each time humanity was wiped out, Mr. Satan happened to be in a different place. With this, Mr. Satan even has the advantage of the strong Saiyan prince Vegeta.

We can’t wait to see what new nonsense Akira Toriyama comes up with thanks to the fan letters. The story of Dragon Ball is currently continuing with Dragon Ball Super. The Super Hero Saga is currently running here, in which the two teenagers Trunks and Son-Goten are the focus.

What would you wish for Akira Toriyama to reverse it?

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