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Tormented Souls II announced, sequel to the ‘retro survival horror’ made in Chile

tormented souls ii announced, sequel to the 'retro survival horror'

The first Tormented Souls revived the style of ‘survival horror’ type games of the late 1990s, like the first resident Evil and silent hill. If you were left wanting more, we have good news for you. Chilean studio Dual Effect and distributor PQube announced the sequel Tormented Souls II and they said for which platforms it will come out.

Here you can find our review of the first game for PS5. We also invite you to read the review of the Switch version on the sister website Tribu Gamer. Below you can see the trailer for this new game.


In this title we will once again control Caroline Walker, the protagonist of the first game. Trying to heal the mysterious illness of the twin sister she rescued, she travels to a South American town called Puerto Miller to search for a cure, but she finds new horrors.

When does it come out Tormented Souls II?

Although they did not give an exact release date, the trailer for Tormented Souls II says it will come out in the last quarter of 2023.

Find out when and for which platforms Tormented Souls II comes out, the sequel to the 2021 survival horror game made in Chile.

What platforms will it come out for?

We can play it on PS5, Xbox Series X | S and on PC. We can now add it to our wish list on Steam.

Sadly, it looks like it won’t be coming to previous generation consoles or Nintendo Switch.

Source: PQube