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Total War parents see the future in Unreal Engine 5, and they’re using it for their next game

If we think of The Creative Assembly The Total War franchise will come to mind, one that has been pushed to the limit for more than 20 years and that it seems that it will continue to move us to new Horizons in the years to come. However, the British team has rarely gone off on a tangent and Alien Isolation was one of them.

The first and only proposal for the universe created by filmmaker Ridley Scott came in 2014 with a loud applause of the press and players, especially after the fiasco a year before Aliens: Colonial Marines. However, since 2014 the study has been attached to the strategyalthough right now they are working on a completely new franchise and under the most powerful multi-platform graphics engine on the market.

Unreal Engine 5, the Epic Games engine, will crown this new adventure if we pay attention to the job offers that both The Creative Assembly and SEGA —publisher of the studio and which has financed its proposals for years— have opened in recent weeks. According to the SegmentNext portal, the studio is looking for, among other things, a senior game programmer for “a new projectas part of a new franchise about Unreal Engine 5“.

Keep in mind that despite that Alien Isolation, the study has not hinted at a possible sequel or a expanded universe despite the rumors or half-truths about his future projects. This new franchise would move away from everything the studio has done so far and, if we look at the jobs previously enabled, we could be facing a title focused on the Science fiction and the immersive simulators.

At the moment, the studio is working on the future content of Total War: Warhammer 3 that has recently released the necessary tools for the inclusion of mods in the game, as well as a roadmap that extends beyond 2022. Even so, this new franchise would be the first attempt by the British studio to settle a saga beyond Total War.

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