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Tower of Fantasy players hunt down AFK farmers – “When I came back, 3 people threw barrels at me”

As an ., Tower of Fantasy offers many opportunities to invest countless hours in the title. This also includes farming items, although not everyone wants to actively do that. But now some players are chasing the so-called AFK farmers.

The new . Tower of Fantasy has not only cheaters, whose in-game names were published by the developers, but also players who farm items in their absence – so-called AFK farmers.

These are players who farm a specific item, enemy or similar while they are away. Methods are used for this that do not require any key input by the player himself.

The game is simply left running for several hours while the player himself sleeps, watches a movie, goes to work, or the like.

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Explosive barrels disrupt AFK farmers

How do players hunt down AFK farmers? The players of the new . Tower of Fantasy hunt down AFK farmers by trolling them and preventing them from farming.

Reddit user u/mmLuanari shared a clip on the social network of a group of AFK farmers being thrown from their spot, a high platform. To do this, the player threw explosive barrels into the crowd.

Below we embed the clip of u/mmLuanari on reddit showing a player throwing the explosive barrel at AFK farmers.

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Even affected players find it funny

What does the community say about this? The community on reddit has responded mostly positively to the clip. One player even added that the same thing happened to him, he thought it was funny and then sent the players a friend request.

  • DeoLuminai via reddit: “Someone did this to me on Monday. I went to get another cup of coffee […]. When I came back, 3 people threw kegs at me which caused a chain reaction to me getting hit by other kegs. It was hilarious and I added all 3 of them to my friends list.”
  • EtoileZalos via reddit: “That just made my day. Thanks a lot for this.”
  • EverSparrows via reddit: “This really is so satisfying to watch that I want to do it too (don’t worry AFK farmers, I won’t)”
  • Torafuku via reddit: “This made me laugh out loud in the middle of the night.”

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Zero’s passive ability allows absent farming

What are the absent players farming? As we can see from the comments on reddit, the players there are trying to get a part of a vehicle that can be dropped by opponents there.

The vehicle/mount is the so-called chaser, which looks similar to a Segway in sci-fi design.

How do players farm while away? Since the drop chance of the required item is quite low, players farm while away. To do this, they use the character “Zero”, whose passive effect surrounds him and deals damage to nearby enemies.

Players then use this effect to stand in an enemy’s spawn, automatically fighting them as soon as they appear. However, the large player crowd means that even larger enemies that can withstand a lot of damage can be defeated without lifting a finger.

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