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Tower of Fantasy: what are the best activities to level up your character quickly

Everyone plays video games as they want: faster, slower, exploring more or less… Leveling up in video games like Tower of Fantasy or Genshin Impact is no exception. Some users prefer to explore and take it easy and others prefer to get the most power as soon as possible.

Taking into account the daily level limit of Tower of Fantasy, I tell you what are the best activities if you want to level up quickly… or at least as fast as the game allows you to Hotta Studio.

Main or story missions

A classic. The most obvious way to climb fast. The main quests or history, even the secondary ones, grant a large amount of experience when completing them. Access the Missions menu to see what they are and their requirements. In addition, its rewards also include materials and equipment.

Exploration without much observation

Slow exploration is a good way to slow down Tower of Fantasy and appreciate all the details of the world of AIDA. To level up you can resort to exploration, but don’t rest on your laurels either.

Bosses World Tower1

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Exploring and interacting with the world grants good amounts of experience, especially at the beginning of the adventure. Discover locations, defeat enemies, open chests, collect materials… Defeat special enemies to get colored tokens, which you can use on special chests of the same color.

Ruins, dungeons full of action and mystery (but not much) to complete with friends

Ruins are a quick and fun way to get good amounts of experience. You can find a few in each region. They are almost linear rooms in which you must defeat enemies and solve problems to advance. In this case, I recommend that you go in a group to finish them faster.

Bosses World Tower2

The rewards of the raid dungeons range from the classic rewards (materials, equipment…) to Relics and coins to take advantage of the Gachapon system. You kill two birds with one stone – level up fast and farm useful coins.

The bad or negative part is that they can only be completed once (each of the three difficulties). You can go back in to explore them in case you left something behind (one of the two available chests, for example), but not complete them as such. As for the difficulty level requirements, they vary between ruins.

Defeat Bosses and World Bosses

Bosses and world bosses are special enemies that you will encounter throughout the world of Aida. Needless to say, world bosses are more special than normal bosses. The amount of experience they give you for defeating them is not as great as other activities, but they will help you get unique materials and hone your skills.

World Tower Bosses

Some Tower of Fantasy world bosses

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The ideal is that you face them in a group because at the beginning you will lack power to defeat them… but you can try your luck and compensate the inferiority with skill dodging blows. If it doesn’t hit you, it can’t kill you.

supply capsules

The Supply Capsules they are chests guarded by a good number of enemies willing to knock your teeth out if you dare to approach their precious chest. The fight can put you on the ropes, but it’s worth it for the experience and rare materials you’ll get. You will find them as you explore.

These are the best events to quickly level up. My tip is don’t just focus on one and go alternating between all. If you are going to prioritize, do it with the main and secondary missions, you will have time to do the rest of the activities when missions are missing.

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