Tronsmart Bang Max, review and analysis in Spanish

tronsmart bang max, review and analysis in spanish

Tom Henry

Tronsmart Bang Max, review and analysis in Spanish

After analyzing the original Bang and the SE version, with us today we have the review of the Tronsmart Bang Max, the new most powerful portable speaker launched by the brand to date. With a 130W power and a portable desEsports Extraswith a handle, offers LED lighting on its sides to make it the most striking at our parties.

Tronsmart Bang Max

Before starting the review, we want to thank Tronsmart for giving us this speaker for analysis.

Technical specifications of the Tronsmart Bang Max

Tronsmart Bang Max
sound design 2 10W tweeters
2 20W mid-tweeters
2 30W woofers
Total power: 130W
Frequency response: 50 Hz ~ 20 KHz
Maximum SPL: 110dB
connectivity Bluetooth 5.3 (SBC)
True Wireless Stereo (TWS)
Micro SD
USB-A (player and powerbank)
6.5mm jack for microphone
6.5mm jack for microphone/guitar
line jack input
Battery 18,000mAh
Autonomy: up to 24 hours
Charging time: 5 hours
Others RGB lighting with effects
Wireless sync with 100+ speakers
IPX6 certified
Dimensions 470 x 199 x 260mm

Packaging and Accessories

front packaging

We begin the review of Tronsmart Bang Max facing its elongated cardboard box, which with its proportions reveals the format of the speaker.

rear packing

inner packing

We found the speaker very well protected inside the packaging with a foam frame at both ends, also having a plastic bag so that it reaches our hands unscathed.

Tronsmart Bang Max - Accessories

It is also accompanied by the user manual, the warranty card, a jack – jack cable for connecting an analog audio device and the current transformer. This has an Asian connector in our version, but it is also available with the classic European connector.

Tronsmart Bang Max Speaker

Tronsmart Bang Max - Front View

We started the review of Tronsmart Bang Max after placing it on our work table. We are facing a robust and heavy portable speaker that specifies some dimensions 470 x 199 x 260mm and a weight of 5.98 kg. Obviously, it is not the most portable model on the market, but it is comfortable to take it with us thanks to its carrying handle.

Tronsmart Bang Max - Handle and controls

In the upper area, in addition to the handle, we find the multimedia controls that also allow wireless synchronization and lighting control.

Tronsmart Bang Max - Speakers

Behind the front metal grill, the Tronsmart Bang Max hides a total of six speakers that combine a 130W power. Specifically, depending on the brand, we have a pair of 10W tweeters each one, one pair of 20W mid-tweeters each and one pair of 30W woofers each. We don’t get the accounts, because between all of them they add up to 120W, but every problem is like this.

A unique aspect of the speaker is that it has RGB LED lighting rings around the passive bass radiators that we find on both sides. We can configure the lighting with 5 modes from the power button or from the mobile app, obviously even turning it off if we prefer.

Tronsmart Bang Max - Back Side

We turn the Tronsmart Bang Max to see how its back has a desEsports Extrassimilar to the front, with the exception of the rubber cover that hides the connectivity. By protecting this one, you get the IPX6 certified which certifies protection against splashes of water and dust, although obviously we should not submerge it.

Tronsmart Bang Max connectivity

Tronsmart Bang Max - Connectivity

Behind the rubber cover, we find the following connectivity:

  • micro SD card reader
  • USB connector for multimedia playback and power bank function for external devices
  • 3.5mm jack auxiliary input for analog audio sources
  • Microphone input with volume and gain control
  • Guitar or second input with volume and gain control
  • power socket

In addition to wired connectivity, the Tronsmart Bang Max offers connectivity Bluetooth 5.3 wireless. It only supports the SBC codec, so it is not compatible with high-definition ones such as aptX-HD or FLAC. A pity.


Finally, we take a look at the base of the speaker to see how it has a wide rubber foot that allows good support on any surface without transmitting sound vibrations.

Tronsmart Bang Max tests


For the sound tests in the review of the Tronsmart Bang Max, we have connected it to our REDMAGIC 8S Pro smartphone, obviously via Bluetooth. The connection is immediate and without problems, highlighting that we could connect it to another equal speaker to achieve stereo sound (TWS) or even to more than 100 speakers with the brand’s proprietary technology to have a brutal sound.

The first thing we should highlight about its sound is the incredible power it offers. With its dimensions, which are not the most compact for a portable speaker, it offers 130W power, which is no small thing. Thanks to her, we can sound an outdoor party with a good volume, without being able to compare it to professional live speakers either. Indoors, it is even annoying at maximum volume, so if we are looking for power, it more than meets the requirements.

tests 2

Regarding the sound quality, I have to say that the default profile is quite neutral, but too warm and somewhat boring. By activating the SoundPulse equalization, we get a brighter and more cheerful sound, perfect for most users looking for a nice and fun sound. Obviously, it is not a speaker focused on audiophiles, but it will satisfy users with a minimum demand for sound.


He Tronsmart Bang Max you have offered us with a charge of your battery more than 16 hours of autonomy with the lighting on. They promise up to 24 hours with it turned off and up to 10 hours if we use the microphone inputs, so we will have no problem for a whole day of partying without going through the plug.

Tronsmart APP for Android

Tronsmart Bang Max - APP

If we want to control the speaker from our smartphone, we can download the Tronsmart application from the official Android or iOS application store. In it, we can control the multimedia playback (very useful for the USB player) and configure five predefined equalizations or a custom one. In addition, we can choose the audio input and configure the connection with other devices, as well as configure the LED lighting to our liking.


Tronsmart Bang Max

After completing the review of the Tronsmart Bang Maxwe must highlight the great power of sound that it offers with its 130W power. We will be able to set up a party at home without any problems, even set up karaoke with its two microphone inputs or add sound to a guitar to get out of trouble. In addition, it offers a very good sound for its price range, without being focused on audiophiles. Obviously, your RGB LED lighting stands out, especially with little ambient light, but it is a purely aesthetic detail that completes a good desEsports Extrasand good materials.

We can find it for sale on its official website and on Amazon for about 155 euro, a somewhat high price for a portable model, but not light to take everywhere. However, in general terms, it is well placed in terms of market prices, which have only risen in recent times.

Main advantages
+ 130W of power to provide sound for a party
+ Good sound in general, wins with the SoundPulse profile
+ Allows connection to a second unit (TWS) and up to 100 simultaneous
+ Micro-SD card reader and multimedia USB port
+ RGB LED lighting with 5 modes
+ IPX6 certified against splashes
Negative Aspects
somewhat high price
Does not support aptX-HD or LDAC codecs

from the The Computer Tinkerer we grant him the Gold Award to the bluetooth speaker Tronsmart Bang Max.

Gold Award

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