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Elden Ring

Turning the Elden Ring into a Tekken with this mod is bizarre, but it works; control of the Circle of the Elden is won by cake

If there is one thing that characterizes Elden Ring, it is the tension that you feel during your fights. That little dance between attacks, finding a moment to hit your enemies, and even taking advantage of their own missed attacks to punish your opponent are essential parts of their encounters. But, of course, the soulslike are not the only video games where this is the essential part of their matchups.

On the fighting games something similar happens, wow, and maybe that makes this mod make a little more sense. Fed up with swords, the modder Ultraboy decided to get down to business and transferred some of the most popular and important characters from FromSoftware’s action RPG to the least expected game: Tekken 7.

The result is… special. Obviously, it only affects the title cosmetically, and yet there’s something comical and special about seeing Melina giving him milk to Malenia. Well, anyone beating Malenia is good for me. Total, that the mod replaces some of the costumes of certain characters to bring the characters of Elden Ring to the title of fights.

Luckily, installing mods in Tekken 7 it is a very easy subject. You will just need to download the file from TekkenMods, unzip it and go to your game installation folder (which will normally be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Tekken 7. From there, go to “TekkenGame”, then “Content”, “Paks” and inside you should create a folder called “~mods”. yes, ~mods as it is in this guide. In there, you are going to have to place the files that you have unzipped from TekkenMods. If you follow those steps, you’ll be done!

Now, the next time you enter the game, you will have to choose the following characters and costumes to play with the protagonists of Elden Ring:

  • melina: Lydia, costume 2.
  • Malenia: Kunimitsu, costume 2.
  • Lobster: Heihachi, suit 4.
  • Alexander: Esports Extrass, suit 3.
  • The prisoner: Lee, suit 2.
  • Radhan: Marduk, suit 2.
  • Furious Wolf Armor: Kazuya, costume 2.
  • Ranni: Kazumi, costume 2.


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