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Turtle Beach Atom Controller Review | we are xbox

There are more and more types of controls available for our mobile devices. From the most classic controls connected by Bluetooth, to replicas of classic controls that simulate the shape of the controllers of the most recognizable consoles on the market. Although without a doubt, there is a style of controls that has broken with the established, allowing us to unite the remote control and the mobile as if it were the same machineThat is why today we bring you the analysis of the Turtle Beach Atom controller, which is part of these last types of controller.

This type of controls to which we refer is the one of the controls designed in two separate parts, having on the one hand the right joystick and part of the buttons and another part with the left joystick and the rest of the buttons. This type of command allows us to embed our mobile device in the central part thanks to adaptable straps that anchor the phone to the controls.


Turtle Beach Atom controller review

an innovative design

The first thing we can highlight about the Turtle Beach Atom controller is the desEsports Extraswith which it was created. The Atom controller arrives with an innovative and attractive design, which together with our mobile device, leaves an appearance practically of a console in the purest Nintendo Switch style. Unlike many other models of this type, Atom arrives with two halves completely separated from each otherwhich leaves much more room when using it with larger phones without having to force the controller or the phone.

Although this separation may lead one to think that the mobile phone is less secure, the reality is that the retractable clamps are strong enough to hold everything so that we do not have to suffer if it is disassembled in the middle of a game or if we have to to be making an effort when holding it so that nothing moves. The connection is carried out by Bluetooth so we will not have any dangling cables or going through nothing, everything is very collected and pleasing to the eye.

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Excellent ergonomics

Analysis of the control Turtle Beach Atom body image 1

Before you start thinking about how comfortable the Turtle Beach controller is, keep in mind that if you are not used to this type of controller, it can be somewhat uncomfortable after playing any game for a while. But beyond that, Atom is a controller that it adapts very well to our hands, not having to force the position of the hands at any time. We have tested it with children, and even in this case, Atom is a comfortable controller that is pleasant to the touch, as well as being very light, which helps the hands not get tired.

The buttons have good quality and a fairly good resistance to pressing, having no wrong presses or that we have to press any of the buttons hard, everything works smooth as silk. If we add to this that the feeling of support is very good, we have in Atom a nice controller, even after a couple of hours of gaming. It is true that a slightly rougher surface could have been an extra when holding it, but as we say, it is not something that penalizes anything.


The layout of the buttons is the typical one that we can find in any remote control., with the A, B, X and Y buttons in the same position in which we would find them on the Xbox controller. The triggers offer very good precision when using them in games where pressing the trigger half is useful, such as racing games and so on, leaving an excellent result. Although we could put a small downside to the ergonomics of Atom, and that is that the buttons on the right control are very close to the right joystick, and on occasion we have moved the joystick accidentally, although once you get used to it, it is something that leaves to pass

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Features and connections

Analysis of the control Turtle Beach Atom body image 2

Going into the purely technical, Atom has everything necessary to connect to practically any Android device on the market. With a 2.4 Ghz Bluetooth connection, Atom connects to any phone running Android 8 or higher, so it is something that we must take into account. Once connected, there is nothing to configure, the phone natively recognizes each and every button, so it is very easy to use.

Connecting Atom to our phone is as simple as connecting any other Bluetooth device, being very easy to disconnect Atom from one phone and connect it to another. Each controller powers up separately, but when charging, the Atom is designed to nest one half inside the other, minimizing the footprint. The set is charged thanks to a fast-charging USB Type-C cable, which offers us about 20 hours of play after fully charging the controller.

In addition, to control all aspects of the controller, Atom has a mobile application that we can download from the Play Store that offers us all kinds of information about the battery, dead zone and precision of the joysticks or to update the firmware of the controller itself. The application also offers us a kind of library of applications and games that takes us directly to download the chosen application directly from the Google Play Store, in this way, in case we are not very skilled looking for games, the application itself helps us to find them.

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We have to say that we have tested Atom both in normal mobile games, and with games in the cloud through Xcloud of Xbox Game Pass and in all situations Atom has met expectations. Atom takes into account the type of application that we are using, so, for example, if we are playing an Xcloud game and we press the Turtle Beach button, we will see how the Xbox menu opens, something that is appreciated if we use much this app.



Analysis of the control Turtle Beach Atom body image 3

After a few days using the Turtle Beach Atom, and taking into account its price, we can only say that it is a complete controller, that It has everything you need to make the mobile gaming experience very pleasant, with a battery life that does not force us to end the game session constantly and with a desEsports Extrasthat offers a solid portable console appearance. The buttons and triggers offer very good resistance when pressing them, as well as its crosshead with 8 direction axes, which ensures precision that other controls do not reach.

Atom is, in short, a very good option when it comes to getting a controller for our mobile, especially if we have long gaming sessions or use game applications in the cloud thanks to its native compatibility with all the applications that we have tested. Also, if there are several of us at home who use Atom, the simplicity of connection and the speed when charging means that anyone can use it without having to have much idea. Thus, Turtle Beach Atom is a controller to take into account when choosing a controller to play on our mobile phone.