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Turtle Beach Stealth Pro “Xbox” Review

Turtle Beach is one of the brands that does not stop innovating with its products, they have peripherals for all tastes and pockets. However, this time they have launched premium headsets that promise to be ahead of their class.

Turtle Beach has launched the new Stealth Pro that this time for the first time launches a headset with the height of a king. Of the amazing things is the build quality, it comes with a steel reinforced frame and this gives a great impression when seeing them for the first time. These headsets are built to withstand any drop or bump it receives, I am sure that the headset will not suffer much damage.


Premium quality

Anyone who knows the brand knows that the previous models are made of hard plastic but of good quality, but with the Stealth Pro we have the opposite, first-class materials at all times. However, good materials come with great comfort. Premium synthetic leather and memory foam cushions come with ProSpecs patented glasses-compatible technology and this is very important for gamers who need to be comfortable for long hours.

Speaking of hours of use, in my case you can use them for about 5 hours straight, writing, working on the PC and even playing games and I can say that they are the most comfortable Turtle Beach headsets that I have tried of all their previous models. They are also very light, they weigh almost nothing, and this gives the user a great advantage since they will have headsets that will not bother them in any situation of use.

Finally a quality microphone

One of the things that I have always criticized about Turtle Beach headsets is the microphone. However, in the Stealth Pro things change from heaven to earth. These headsets come with a detachable TruSpeak boom mic and two hidden microphones, both options are designed with SMART technology to let only your voice through and cancel out background noise.


This is awesome as thanks to the Audio Hub app which is available on mobile and desktop version you can dial in the perfect sound for incoming game audio, Bluetooth audio and outgoing chat with a dynamic 10 band equalizer and save up to 10 custom presets. Also, you can control audio and you can program personalized equalizers, specific to the type of game you are playing, and you can adjust the sensitivity of the microphone, to have more privacy in chats with friends as well as for better vocal clarity. .

Turtle Beach Audio Hub software is available for iOS and Android devices and Turtle Beach Audio Hub V2 for Windows PC and Mac to adjust equalization settings, set noise cancellation levels, program the assignable wheel, and assEsports Extrashotkeys on PC and Mac. One of the impressive things is that it is extremely easy to use on the mobile device and it can be used on any platform and configured from the mobile application without problems or delays.

Great for Xbox Series X/S

The version of the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro that I was able to review is from Xbox, and I can say that the sound is beast when used on the Xbox Series X, although the Xbox does not recognize it by name, everything can be easily executed from the application of the mobile device. This is phenomenal since everything we want to configure from the sound to the microphone the application provides us with all the facilities.


Games like Forza Horizon 5 and Gears 5 give an exquisite sound with the new Stealth Pro, the shooting, the character narration, the explosions, the crackling sound of the Forza vehicle engine and all the music and environmental effects sound without waste. thanks to powerful 50mm Nanoclear drivers that deliver a very solid and welcoming bass response. They are compatible with Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos and DTS Headphone: X thus giving a lot of first-class technology.

Drums “God Mode”

On PC they provide an incredible experience, the only thing that the application on PC at least in everything that I have used before the launch had me with a headache since I had to completely disconnect the wireless base and re-pair the headsets. But the whole experience is the same even if we use the application on both mobile and desktop PC. And for those who love to go all day with a headset for use on multiple consoles or for something else, the Stealth Pro comes with two interchangeable 12+ hour battery packs that provide continuous power and let you charge one pack while the other is in use thanks to the wireless base.

However, for those who want a quick 15-minute charge it gives you three hours of battery life. This has been very innovative on the part of Turtle Beach, although I had already seen it in other headsets I think this is quite practical and the player receives a great advantage so that they will never be able to stop playing their favorite games for long hours.


The Stealth Pro comes with Bluetooth 5.1 with dual connectivity, so you can listen to music, discord and even receive calls simultaneously while you play on any platform supported by the device. The Stealth Pro comes with a remappable wheel and mode button so that it can be assigned to different functions based on your playing style via the Turtle Beach Audio Hub app. This is really one of the points that I do not like since the wheel is uncomfortable for me, I really prefer the small wheels that we are used to using in headsets, but be careful, this does not take away from the great experience that these headsets have I just don’t like it personally.


The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro is a premium headset and Turtle Beach engineers put a lot of effort into making a high quality headset that sounds amazing. One of the most impressive things is that they finally hit the nail on the head to improve the microphone by 100%. Since many reviews I have made of the brand, in each one I criticized them without compassion, on this occasion I cannot stop praising the great step towards ahead that Turtle Beach has made. The build quality is very good and its desEsports Extrasprovides a lot of comfort giving the user a great feeling when using them. Although the volume control wheel didn’t totally convince me plus some issues in the PC app that can be fixed later, this time Turtle Beach has built a premium headset that puts it among the first on the market. This review was made thanks to a product provided by Turtle Beach.

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