Fire Emblem Engage was recently released on the market and if you have reached this text it means that you are starting in the game and you want to know if your initial choice will be reversible or that you have already advanced a bit and realized that the challenge is not up to you or vice versa. Whatever your situation, in this brief tutorial we are going to explain the options you have to change the difficulty of a game that has already started and, incidentally, we will give you a couple of tips. Let’s go mess!

It’s time to choose the stones that will cross your path in Fire Emblem Engage

It’s time to start talking about raising the difficulty. Intelligent Systems made the decision to make it currently impossible to change the difficulty up in this installment. In other words, If we choose the “Normal” or “Hard” difficulty and want a more complex experience, Unfortunately the only option they give is to start a new game.

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Fire Emblem Engage Walkthrough How To Change Difficulty

Nevertheless, if your case is the reverse and you noticed that the difficulty “Hard” or “Extreme” is uphill for you, you will be happy to know that You still have an ace up your sleeve. You can’t do it from the beginning, but if you manage to complete the first three chapters of the game, the Somniel will be unlocked, the headquarters you need to be able to access.

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Already in chapter 4 or higher, you will see that there is a central building in the headquarters (the one with a cafeteria, the gramophone and a board). Yes you go up the stairs you will find a door through which you have to enter and you can’t miss it, because when you get closer it says “My quarters.” At the bottom of Alear’s room there is a bed with which you must interact in order to select the “Difficulty” option. It is important to mention that this action is irreversible, so if you are not sure, we advise you to save your game in another slot to cover your back.

Fire Emblem Engage Walkthrough How To Change Difficulty

To finish the article, we are going to leave a small recommendation for those who still have not decided what to do: choose “Hard” or “Extreme”. The first few battles are tutorials and while your units can still die, you do have some leeway to experiment with the difficulty. Personally, the writer of this text believes that the simplest possibility falls short for franchise veterans and that “Extreme” is more enjoyable in a second round. In short, what In his opinion, the best thing you can do is start on “Difficult” and if you are not convinced, go to bed. With that said, this is the end of the tutorial. If you have any questions, leave a comment and we hope you enjoy Fire Emblem Engage, regardless of the challenge in front of you.

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