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Twitch: 25-year-old streams 41 hours straight, fans worry about his health | Discover News

twitch: 25 year old streams 41 hours straight, fans worry about his

The Berliner Elias “EliasN97” Nerlich is number 1 in the German Twitch. He has worked hard for this, because the 25-year-old is on the air a lot and pursues larger projects. But some fans think he should take more care of himself.

What’s going on at EliasN97? The Twitch streamer is busy, or as he would say, “hustling”. On Sunday, July 2, 2023, he completed a 41-hour stream, his second marathon stream in a few weeks.


From June 20th to 21st he was on the air for 34 hours without sleeping. Between the two Marathons streams, he was always on Twitch between 4 and 9 hours a day (via sullygnome).

The many streams could affect his health, at least the fans fear.


Twitch streamers often come up with challenges to keep their viewers happy. This can backfire:


Twitch streamer shaves his head for a donation and is bitterly disappointed!

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Fans fear challenges could become too much

How is the streamer? On Twitter EliasN97 reported digestive problems after his long stream on July 4th. The streamer actually seems more amused than seriously concerned and so many fans take the post. They joke in the comments.

Others don’t seem to take it so lightly, however. They worry that the streamer’s challenges are taking over and he’s neglecting his health:

  • “These challenges are taking on unhealthy proportions. It puts a lot of strain on your body just sitting and looking at a screen for so long.” (via Twitter)
  • “Just get yourself checked out, you’ve gone completely over your limit. […] Do slowly with such challenges the next few weeks. Take care of your health.” (via Twitter)
  • “The […] I can understand keeping the hype going, but maybe the man should just go back to a healthier lifestyle. Twitch isn’t everything in life after all…” (via Twitter)

The worries are no accident. Many content creators have the feeling that they always have to be on the air in order to increase or maintain their reach until at some point nothing works anymore. One hears more and more often about “streamer burnout”.

Streamer reassures worried fans

How does EliasN97 see it himself? In another post, the streamer explains that he has received many messages urging him to take care of his mental health. While he appreciates his fans’ concerns, he assures them that he is fine.

For him, streaming is not just a hobby, but a job, according to EliasN97. The 25-year-old makes no secret of the fact that he primarily pursues economic interests on Twitch. He likes to sacrifice sleep and social contacts for this in order to have a relaxed future later.

EliasN97 reassures his fans (via Twitter)

However, in a video recording of the marathon stream on YouTube, the streamer admitted that streams that long would be pretty draining. In the near future, such streams should therefore no longer exist.

After all, his streaming marathons earned EliasN97 the second most-watched streamer worldwide for the past week (via Twitter). However, the German streamer has been beaten by the Spaniard Ibai, who clocked in 25 million hours of views with this year’s edition of his boxing event.

In fact, content creators are outdoing each other with increasingly outlandish challenges that tend to cause some viewers concern. Twitch streamer Trymacs’ “No Food Challenge”, in which the participants did not eat any calories for a week, even led to an emergency doctor’s call:


Twitch streamers around Trymacs don’t want to eat anything for a week, after 3 days the ambulance has to come

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