Twitch: Bully from LoL discovers chess and achieves his goal, but a grandmaster arrogantly scoffs

twitch: bully from lol discovers chess and achieves his goal,

Tom Henry

Twitch: Bully from LoL discovers chess and achieves his goal, but a grandmaster arrogantly scoffs

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Twitch streamer Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp is known for his constant playing of League of Legends and his short-tempered nature. But the LoL bully has now discovered the game of kings, chess, for himself. There he caught the attention of, of all people, Grandmaster Hans Niemann (20), who was involved in a cheating scandal.

This is the situation:

  • Tyler1 is the biggest League of Legends streamer on Twitch. But even he has had enough at some point, especially when LoL is approaching the end of a season and only the Worlds are waiting as a highlight.
  • In the last few days, Tyler1 has discovered chess and follows the game of kings with the same passion as LoL. Recently Tyler1 said he played chess for 24 hours straight. He is obsessed, his whole life revolves around chess.
  • But even though he has achieved initial success, not everyone appreciates it.

How Twitch’s Worst Troll Became the Face of League of Legends

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Tyler1 achieves a rating of 1,000 on the chess site and is proud

Tyler1 has reached this milestone: Tyler1 has a rating of 1,000 on This is a milestone for him, but actually still counts as “beginner level” on the site.

Nevertheless, Tyler1 celebrates this milestone for himself and enthusiastically tells his friend Macailya that she is now in a relationship with a 1000 ELO chess player.

“I was already 1000 when I came out of the womb”

This is how he is criticized: The chess grandmaster Hans Niemann discovered this clip. The 20-year-old commented dryly.

“Mate, I was 1,000 when I came out of the womb. You know, it’s not difficult to have 1000 chess. It takes a level of stupidity that not many people can achieve.”

Niemann then continues: But he respects Tyler1’s passion. He hopes he continues to play a real game like chess and not a stupid game like League of Legends.

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This is commented on on reddit: If Niemann makes fun of Tyler1, it’s a bit like Messi making fun of the recreational footballers from Sidemen FC: Twitch streamers who play football for a good cause even though they can’t.

Not everyone dedicates their entire life to just one game.

Niemann himself achieved fame in a strange way. He defeated world champion Magnus Carlsen, prompting rumors that he must have used “anal beads” to cheat:

Chess: 19-year-old Twitch streamer is caught cheating twice, now beats the world champion – he leaves the tournament angry

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