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Twitch is on fire – A secret, internal 5-hour call from 4 of the biggest streamers is circulating and they are speaking plain language

The streaming platform Twitch went up in flames around midnight German time today. A five-hour Discord call with 4 of the platform’s biggest streamers is circulating online: Streamers xQc and Trainwreck confront members of the group OTK, such as Asmongold and Mizkif, about the current sexual harassment scandal. Apparently, the call should never have been made public.

Who are the streamers involved? We rank the streamers by viewer hours seen in the last year:

  • The streamer “xQc” is number 1 on Twitch, he gambles – comments and reacts a lot. It’s popular with young viewers. He has been the star on Twitch since late 2019.
  • Trainwreck is number 6 by channel and the second largest English-language streamer – It’s almost entirely gambling, gambling for millions of dollars.
  • Asmongold is #10 on Twitch because he’s taking a long break. He broadcasts WoW and .s. In October 2020 he founded the group “One True King” (OTK) with fellow streamers.
  • Mizkif is number 31 but on the way up. At least he was, until recently. He is a co-founder of OTK.

Among the people being gossip are HasanAbi (number 8) and Pokimane (number 134, after a long break).

Asmongold’s career and life in 3 minutes – what makes him special?

Major streamers are pressuring Twitch to ban gambling

How did it all start? There has been an argument about “gambling” circulating on Twitch for several months. Some of the biggest streamers on Twitch like xQc or Trainwreck broadcast gambling – other streamers like Asmongold or Mizkif criticize them for it.

Twitch said they were investigating but did nothing.

That changed when it came out a few days ago that the streamer Sliker had lost a lot of money from viewers and friends in horse betting. Now big streamers like Mizkif and Pokimane are demanding that Twitch finally do something about gambling, otherwise there would be a strike.

Twitch then quickly announced that it would restrict gambling.

That’s what the 3 biggest German casino streamers on Twitch say about the ban: “I applied to McDonalds”

Angry casino streamer makes serious accusation against Mizkif: ‘You’re in a glass house, you pussy’

That was the real scandal: One of the loudest critics of gambling was Mizkif, a streamer for the group OTK, which also includes Asmongold.

But the biggest gambling streamer on Twitch, Trainwreck, didn’t want to put up with it: he “revenged” Mizkif by making serious allegations himself. Now it was in the room:

  • A friend of Mizkif, CrazySlick, sexually harassed a streamer
  • Mizkif downplayed and covered up the incident
  • Streamer AdrianahLee then went public and confirmed the allegations against Mizkif and his then-girlfriend Maya (via dotesports)

This not only got Mizkif in big trouble, but also his whole group OTK.

Streamer Asmongold had to step in, put Mizkif on leave and said he would investigate the case.

This angry tweet from Trainwreck set Mizkif’s life ablaze.

5 hour discord call between the disputed streamers

That was the Cal nowl: Apparently to get rid of the problems that are in the room, there was an internal discord call a few days ago.

This was known because xQc mentioned in his stream that this call existed and that it was “heated”:

  • it was shouted
  • “hard stuff” had been said
  • it wasn’t a PR call, but a real bickering. Exact details were not known (via youtube)

It was probably the goal to get rid of “bad blood” and see how to get out of it. xQc said: It was such a difficult topic, you don’t want to say anything wrong.

So, gambling streamers xQc and Trainwreck engaged in a 5 hour call with members of OTK like Asmongold and Mizkif.

This call was actually secret. But last night, streamer Destiny, who was banned from Twitch, posted the call live and responded to it.

At the center of the controversy: Mizkif.

Your feast for people who love drama – 5 hours of “Streamer uncut”

Why is Twitch on fire now? A lot of dirty laundry is washed in the call. The streamers speak without their normal filter, which they show outwards.

The viewers, especially on live stream fails, listen intently and analyze every statement of the call. The call is about, among other things, how the streamer Mizkif can now free himself from the shitstom that he covered his friend even though he sexually molested a streamer in her sleep.

It can be clearly seen that the call should never have been made public in this form.

Mizkif tries to justify himself. He said he defended his “best friend” and is being snubbed by Asmongold for doing so. This statement is very bad. When he called CrazySlick his “Best Friend,” people immediately assumed he was defending him.

Essentially, one can listen in on the “lawyer” Asmongold advising the “defendant” Mizkif on how to speak out in public. While Trainwreck plays the role of Accuser:

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But that’s not all. Without being in front of the cameras, the streamers also talk about all sorts of other topics that are otherwise not so open to talk about. Apparently there is a lot of animosity among the top 30 streamers.

What is striking, for example, is that there are apparently some reservations about HasanAbi and Pokimane, especially with Trainwreck and xQc.

Here’s how Trainwreck calls streamer Pokimane the “most corrupt character on Twitch”:

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There are also some problems with the streamer HasanAbi:

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consequences not yet foreseeable

How is the call discussed? One listens intently to “Livestreamfails”. One user says, “They’re all snakes”: people smiling around the front and stabbing you in the back around you.

It is assumed that the call will now have significant consequences. It all happened around midnight in the US, so expect to hear a lot more about the strange call over the next few days.

The “drama junkies” say they’re having a hard time even tearing themselves away from this feast and getting to work now.

By the way, this is the streamer who has now leaked the Discord call:

Streamer apparently ruins 11 years of career in 14 seconds – Twitch permanently bans him


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