Twitch: One of the most successful streamers used to have few viewers, but his girlfriend secretly supported him | Discover News

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Twitch: One of the most successful streamers used to have few viewers, but his girlfriend secretly supported him | Discover News

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Before moving to YouTube, Ludwig Ahgren (28) was one of the most successful streamers on Twitch. But that wasn’t always the case: his girlfriend Blaire (29), who goes by the name QTCinderella also streams, secretly supported him at the beginning of his career.

Who are the two? Ludwig was once the “Golden Boy” of Twitch. In 2021 he became the streamer with the most subscriptions with his 31-day subathon. That same year, however, he switched to YouTube because he “didn’t feel love.” There he is now successful with events and even tried his hand at a new subathon.

But before his big breakthrough, Ludwig only had a few viewers. His girlfriend, the streamer QTCinderella, secretly gave him a hand.

The Subs” called paid subscriptions are an important means by which streamers can earn money on Twitch.

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QTCinderella even outdid itself

How did QTCinderella support her boyfriend? In a video that was created during his 2021 subathon but has now reappeared on TikTok, the streamer revealed that she anonymously bought at least 600 gift subscriptions to Ludwig’s channel.

At $4.99 per sub, at current rates, that’s more than $2,700 that QTCinderella spent to cheer up her friend. The Twitch streamer explained that at the time he had maybe 300 viewers and was so sad.

Once, QTCinderella reported, she even started a kind of competition: As herself, she gave away 20 gifted subs, then anonymously added one with 25. Suddenly someone from the chat gave away 50 subscriptions, which she countered with another 100 anonymous subs.

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All of this was obviously new to Ludwig: “So you were responsible for 2/3 of the total sum? Oh my god.” He told his girlfriend not to use money to make others happy.

However, QTCinderella was undeterred: “But it worked, you were so happy.”

For many TikTok users, the clip perfectly illustrates the relationship between the two. They rave about the loving and self-sacrificing nature of the Twitch streamer. We have compiled some comments for you here:

  • JohnnyHybrid: “That’s the silliest and most loveable thing she could have done.”
  • Teriyaki Logan: “That’s the definition of the girlfriend who buys you everything for your birthday and the boyfriend who just gets her flowers and a teddy bear.”
  • !: “QT always gives everything for everyone, I love them.”
  • WixL: “Oh damn, that hit me emotionally. That’s so sweet of her.”

For outsiders, it is often incomprehensible why the large, already successful streamers are literally overwhelmed with subscriptions when the smaller content creators often appreciate the gesture more:

Streamer only has one viewer on Twitch, is nice to him, goes viral – Now she has thousands of followers

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