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Elden Ring

Twitch streamer beats Elden Ring in 2 hours – never levels up and never gets hit

Elden Ring is one of the most popular games of 2022. Now a streamer has played through Elden Ring and has not spent a single rune on it. One item and one ability were of great importance.

Elden Ring is a complex RPG with really tough boss fights. But the game is not difficult enough for some users, so they set themselves particularly tricky tasks. Twitch streamer Ainrun went even one step further and wanted to beat the game without spending a single rune.


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One item and one ability are critical to the streamer’s victory

What did he do exactly? Twitch streamer Ainrun played through Elden Ring in two and a half hours. The time is nothing special, because a crazy speedrunner had played through Elden Ring in under an hour.

Much more notable is that he has not been hit once by opponents during his run and that he has not spent a single rune in Elden Ring. You need runes in Elden Ring to level up your character in Places of Grace or to buy new equipment.


You can watch the entire two and a half hours on YouTube:

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At the end of his victory over the final boss, he screams in relief that he actually made the run. Other streamers don’t get that far and even lose their minds from having to fight the same boss a thousand times.

What item did he use? In his run he used the Serpent Hunter weapon. This is a weapon that can be used to attack opponents from a long distance. Another advantage is that you don’t need any special stats for the weapon and the streamer can carry the weapon without spending any runes.


Which skill was particularly important? The most important ability for the twitch streamer was “Flame of the Red Mane.” Because the special thing is not the damage of the ability, but its property. Because with the ability you can make opponents and bosses stagger and even break their posture. This is extremely useful when fighting bosses.

The Elden Ring community is always facing new challenges

Many users have already played through Elden Ring and are therefore looking for new challenges. For example, one person played Elden Ring with a harp as a controller and was able to impress the audience with it. The musician had to come up with a few tricks for the interaction between harp and computer to work.

However, a legendary gamer is likely to outperform most others. Because he had impressed the community so much that even the publisher had reported to reward the user. You can read the whole story here on MeinMMO:


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