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Twitch streamer can only watch in shock as her cat deliberately deletes her progress in Hitman 3

Twitch streamer Stormfall33 played the stealth game Hitman 3 without realizing that the real killer was already in her room: her cat Momo made short work of her progress.

What did the cat do? Twitch streamer “Stormfall33” was just under 3 hours deep into a run in Hitman 3’s Freelancer mode. She was pausing the game to read messages in her chat when her cat Momo ran across her keyboard once.


The velvet paw manages to press exactly the right buttons to end the run and wipe out all 3 hours of progress.

What is the problem? Added to Hitman 3 as a free update earlier this year, Freelancer mode adds a roguelike component to the game. In 8 consecutive missions, the leaders of 4 crime syndicates must be eliminated.

What are “roguelike” games and why are they called that?


In Freelancer mode, every decision needs to be weighed up carefully: optional challenges promise additional loot, but also involve a great deal of risk. If you want to successfully complete a run, you have to meticulously manage your resources (via YouTube).

If a mission fails – or if the cat runs across the keyboard – you have to start all over again.

Cat turns out to be the final boss

How does the streamer react? When Stormfall33 faces the start menu on her screen, she needs a moment to realize what has just happened.


Realizing the full extent, she groans and bangs the table in frustration before telling her cat to go and shut up.

With a few indignant “meows”, the house cat makes it clear how he finds this treatment and then disappears. You can watch a clip of the whole tragedy here:

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The streamer seems to be particularly shocked by the precision with which Momo proceeds: It almost seemed like a well-considered attack on the streamer’s progress – in line with the theme of the game.

He literally stepped on my escape key and hit enter. He closed my game. He left the mission! How did you do that?

In the end, the streamer took it all in stride, gritted his teeth and started a new run.

Many cat owners somehow always suspected that a ruthless killer was lurking behind the fluffy facade.


One gamer realized this at the latest when his house cat disassembled his setup in his absence. He turned to the community for help. It said: owners should finally teach their cats some manners.