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Twitch: Streamer Freaks Out That A Gacha-RPG Isn’t Generous Enough – “It Should Be Offline For A Few Weeks” | Top News

twitch: streamer freaks out that a gacha rpg isn't generous enough

A clip from a stream is currently going viral. In the clip, Twitch streamer Lacari rants that playing Free2Play titles like Honkai: Star Rail “sucks”. Instead, he could spend his time playing other games.

In the relevant stream of May 2, 2023, he states that he hates gacha games. Playing these games is probably the worst thing he’s ever seen in his life. The raids in Honkai: Star Rail are “dogshit”.


In the games, weapons and characters are obtained by “pulling” certain banners. For this you need an in-game currency, which you get through quests or real money payments. However, streamer Lacari has opted for the Free2Play route – not a good choice for his nerves.

Here you can see the official release trailer for Honkai: Star Rail:


Official Release Trailer – “Interstellar Journey” – Honkai: Star Rail

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For minutes he freaks out again and again, in between he apologizes for it. He is angry because he no longer has the opportunity to draw new weapons and characters. “I could cry” he keeps repeating while completing a quest with his character.


In the middle he yells again. Here’s a clip of the desperate streamer:

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It pisses me off I could play Persona right now. I could literally play any turn based PvE game a million times better than this shit. I might as well play XCOM. Literally everything.

Lacari streaming


His viewers, who see his freak out live, advise him to just play something else. Someone writes that this stream moment will probably appear on Reddit.

Some even motivate him and write that the game is great. It’s worth finding out. A spectator praises him for his acting skills. Others are even urging him to invest even more in the draws while others try to stop him – the chat is at odds, taking turns spamming “SWIPE NOW!” and “don’t swipe!”.

A swipe is generally a wiping movement, but in this case it stands more for swiping the credit card through a slot, i.e. depositing real money in the game.


The stream freak gets a lot of attention

As for the forum, its viewers are right: the related clip was shared on the subreddit r/LivestreamFail. There, numerous users comment on Lacari’s behavior.

He is advised to go offline for a few weeks and get his dopamine refilled. Others suggest that if you’re an impulsive person with low self-control and a susceptibility to gambling, you shouldn’t play gacha titles.

The stream freak out has already attracted a lot of attention since yesterday:


After the clip ends, at least according to the saved Twitch recording, Lacari sticks with the game selection before exiting the stream, although he still seems annoyed. He keeps getting upset about the gacha system, occasionally laughing.

He also asks his live viewers which banner he should choose in-game to get the best possible result. As he reads the chat, he yells again, “I don’t care! I want a fucking 5 star[-Charakter]now!”.

But that wasn’t the 25-year-old streamer’s only freak out. Most recently, the wishes of his viewers have driven him mad.