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Twitch: Streamer has dirty thoughts on a dialogue in Hogwarts Legacy

The German Twitch streamer Trymacs only got a taste of Hogwarts Legacy for 3 hours and came across a dialogue that he just couldn’t get along with. It was about “crossed sticks.”

How is Hogwarts Legacy received on German Twitch?

  • Hogwarts Legacy has been number one by far on German Twitch for 2 weeks. It’s garnered twice as many viewer hours as League of Legends.
  • The most successful German twitch streamers for Hogwarts Legacy are eliasn97, the only slightly choleric shooter professional ELoTRiX and MickyTV.
  • Trymacs, who is otherwise known for not having found a hype train that he would not have jumped on, only streamed Hogwarts Legacy for 3 hours on Twitch, but was already ranked 19th among the German streamers.
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Gronkh, who’s been the cause of so much trouble, hasn’t shown a second of Hogwarts Legacy on Twitch:

“Someone has to notice that! It’s getting more and more ambiguous?”

What scene did Trymacs kill? Trymacs listens to dialogue between 2 magician students on Twitch: His player character speaks to “Lucan Brattleby” who explains to him how the “Dueling Club of Crossed Wands” works.

Trymacs already starts to grin when his game character asks: “How’s that going with the crossed sticks?”

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The Ghostbusters quote “never cross the rays” is immediately mentioned in the chat.

When the student declares: “Whoever is still standing at the end wins”, Trymacs is finally convinced that ambiguous allusions to homosexual intercourse are hidden here.

For “Next time, bring a partner or do it alone,” Trymacs pleads into the camera, “Who wrote that? Somebody has to notice that! It’s becoming more and more ambiguous!”


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What does he mean? According to the Urbandictiornary, “crossing swords” is a paraphrase for a man accidentally touching his penis to another man during a sex act with multiple partners.

Allusions to this supposed “rule among men” are the two phrases: “never cross the rays” and “never cross the swords”.

Trymacs and his chat probably have 3 famous scenes from pop culture products in mind:

  • Once “Ghostbusters”: never cross the rays. That’s a strict ban, but it’s circumvented to defeat the first film’s boss, Marshmallow Man (via YouTube)
  • Spaceballs, where there is a lightsaber duel between Lord Helmchen and Lone Starr and the swords not only cross, but even interlock (via youtube)
  • And “How I Met Your Mother”, where Barney warns against the “*text muted* threesome” (2 men, one woman): Bros should never make eye contact in a *text muted* threesome (via youtube)

Once you get the funnel that “crossing the bars” is a sexual innuendo, you can’t seem to get out of the act, instead seeing more and more references to homosexual intercourse.

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