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Twitch streamer laughs at mysterious package, but viewers find it creepy | Discover News

twitch streamer laughs at mysterious package, but viewers find it

It’s not uncommon for Twitch streamers to receive gifts from their fans. However, larger content creators tend to have an inbox for this sort of thing. The Twitch streamer Stormfall33″ received a mysterious package at home.

What kind of streamer is this? As a variety streamer, “Stormfall33” plays various games for her 20,000 followers. Like Hitman 3, where her cat turned out to be the real killer. Most often, however, the streamer can be found in “Just Chatting”, where she talks to her viewers.


She received a mysterious package from one such fan. After initially expecting terrible content such as feces or even a bomb, the streamer’s curiosity finally won.

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“You’ll never guess what’s inside!”

What was in the package? Stormfall33 reported on the event in a stream and finally revealed the contents of the mysterious package: A small black business card with the streamer’s username and the words “Certified Virgin” emblazoned in gold letters on it – “certified virgin”.

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Why are viewers worried? Although the streamer can laugh at the unusual gift, the fact remains that someone obviously knows her address. Some fans find this more worrying than funny.

This is pretty funny, but also a bit creepy considering that someone on the internet knows your address. At least the result wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

Oliver Clozzoff via Twitter

As reported by MGG France, the streamer has never publicly announced her address. So it’s unclear how the mysterious fan was able to send her the package. Stormfall33 still prefers to laugh at the incident.


She declares that she trusts her community and is sure that no one wants to harm her.

The concerns of the viewers are not entirely unfounded, because in fact Twitch streamers have to deal with stalkers again and again. Conversely, there are also extremely well-meaning viewers who care about the security of the content creator:

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